Helping Businesses Since 1995

The only reason we’re still around is because of our great clients!


Helping Businesses Since 1995

The only reason we’re still around is because of our great clients!

In 22 years we’ve received some awesome feedback!

Thank you! I forgot to mention – it looks awesome

Amanda Muik

Airport Clerk

I just cannot begin to thank you enough! I am so very happy with how the website has come along!!! Love the changes, and just the other day I had a lady come in and say she found me via Google and really liked the website. So thankful for all you have done with the website. Blessings and thank you!

Marlene Hendeerson

Thanks so much Mike.  You have been giving us amazing service and I really appreciate you!

Wendy Gorner

Corporate Administrator

I just wanted to say what a GREAT job you and your team have done with the updated skin on the AEA website. It is very pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to work with!

Morgan Banks


Hey Mike, Once again, thank you so much for your availability, your patience with endless questions, and your great advice over the years! IIAS has been amazing as a reliable host on your server, and as a place staffed by amazing people! I was lucky enough to deal with you personally for a lot of stuff, but if I was talking with any of your staff, they have been equally knowledgeable, friendly, and professional!

Kevin Phillips

Thanks so much for all your hard work on our website.  I know it was a more difficult project than you had anticipated.  You did a great job, and we’re all very pleased with the result.

Connie Skrine

Awesome, thanks for the quick work, Mike!

Thanks, take care.

West Coast Machinery

You’re awesome! Thanks! I received a call this morning for a service visit from someone in Connecticut. Gotta love the internet for exposure! I get a kick out of telling them, we could be there by noon if they pay for my airfare.

Colleen MacKinnon

Wow!! This is fantastic. The pictures and layout is great. Very professional. Just what we were looking for.

Erin Zemmar

Director of Marketing and Sales

Hi Mike

I love what you’ve done, looks great, and it’s always my pleasure working with such a professional team like yours. Thanks Mike, and have a great time today, and until the next project. 

Best regards

Yousri Abadir

Creative Director

Thanks again for all your help. You guys are GREAT!


I appreciate the time and patience you had while working with me on our web site and it looks great.

Jacky Barszczewski

Mike Johnson has been my “go to guy” for marketing materials for almost ten years now. Mike and all of his staff are very professional and have always provided the absolute best in customer service. My calls are always returned the same day, and meetings scheduled at my convenience. Whether talking on the phone or meeting in person, the conversations are productive, and decisions are acted upon quickly. Their service is simply exceptional all around. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his IIAS team.

Garry Lowney

Internet Advertising created a logo for my business, designed and developed my website. Mike and his team at Internet Advertising are true professionals and I highly recommend their services.

Lori Johnston

Congratulations on the hard work from everyone!

Fraser Health Surgical Services

What you have to understand about Nicholas is he is highly dedicated to the success of his clients. He is continually striving to stay ahead of the curb and in the know when it comes to everything SEO related. Take him as your wing man and your business will soar.

Sean Cavanaugh

Nicholas is a master at getting free traffic from Google searches. What he is able to do for a business when he gets them to the first page is nothing short of amazing. He can literally change the future for a business when gets going on their SEO. He is an online marketing hero.

John Sulhoff

There are few people who do work with as much enthusiasm and energy as Nick. He has amazing work ethics and was a joy to work with. If you want more business for your business please get in contact with this man.

Steven Bourgeois

Nicholas is what you would call an expert at SEO. He always knows what’s current, and he routinely puts his clients in a position to dominate their competition by putting them on the first page of Google. I’ve seen him at work first hand, he’s a machine.

Lemichael Dotson

Nicholas is one of the most professional, hardworking, and dedicated individuals in the marketing industry. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and focused effort, and I know my company would not be in the position we are today without his guidance. Due to his depth of technical knowledge, outstanding leadership skills, and clear communication, I consider Nicholas to be a trusted sounding board for all of my business decisions today, and I look forward to continuing to work together. I would strongly recommend anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level reach out to Nicholas today!

Chris Barr

Nicholas is very detail oriented and is always ahead of the SEO curve. He talked about things that I never knew pertained to search engine optimization that were quite frankly, outstanding. If you want to get your website on page one of Google and drastically increase your traffic, look no further than Nicholas Man.

Todd Templeton

Oh my goodness! You just made our lives so much easier!

Petra Hermes
Oh my goodness! You just made our lives so much easier!
Petra Hermes
Fly & Sea Dive Adventures

I have relied on the team at Internet Advertising for many years, and they have never let me down! When I was running Ambassador Travel, we had continuous deadlines for print ads, sales newsletters, and internet ads, and the deadlines were always met. Even when they were given very short notice, the work was always top quality and came in on budget.
More recently, I was about to launch my first book,, and needed a website and a promotional plan set up in a real hurry.

I was amazed with how quickly everything was completed, and truly delighted with the results. Thanks to the work at IIAS, my book became an Amazon best-seller on June 12, 2012. Internet Advertising has also set up my website and newsletter package for our Silver Star rental condo. This successful website has allowed us to keep the unit occupied throughout the year.

For almost a decade, IIAS has been there for me as I created new projects. What has always impressed me is how quickly they responded and how they were always able to come up with a solution for my technical needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Internet Advertising for any type of design, web or promotional work. They don’t just do the work – they deliver results.

Diana Young
Financial Fitness Books, Ambassador Travel

WOW! That looks incredible, I love it! Thank you Mike.

Heidi Klein

Wow that was fast! I love the last one, very clean and I like the idea of the HK symbol with the book.

Heidi Klein

My company used IIAS and they were great, my website is professional, easy to use and suits me. I met with Mike before just for a consultation and he was able to explain everything in detail and in what order things should go. My website was made earlier than the time frame that was given and was definitely up to my standards. I would recommend IIAS to anybody if you are looking to have a website done.

Andrew Dicknoether

I love it! I’m so excited with the changes you’ve done to the web site. It’s definitely something to be proud of. I can’t wait to print new business cards and get some logo jackets made for staff!

Sharon Forbes

Co-Executive Director

Wow….the website looks great.  Thank you for making those changes and adding the extras!

Loralynn Cartmell

Office Director

We are so stoked on the cascading website format !!!!

Thanks :)

Oliver Pattison

Hi Mike, 

On behalf of the Public Relations Team for the Rotary Club of Abbotsford, I wanted to extend my thank you to you for the use of Paul! Paul assisted us with the design and layout of our first ever Friends of Rotary Newsletter. Hopefully, you received your copy via email ? 

We truly appreciate your support and Paul’s time to assist us with this. The newsletter looks fantastic and I received a call from our club president (Dan Denis) last night to say “what a terrific newsletter and that it exceeded his expectations”. Please pass along our many thanks. Have an amazing day! 


Public Relations Team

Thank you! It looks great and is a huge improvement on our image. Have a great weekend.

Ronda Smyth

Thanks Mike! U ROCK!

Web Marketing Strategist

It is excellent Mike. Just what I wanted. Thank you!

Paula Venegas


Cope Lawyers & Litigators

The site looks great. Nicely done. You should know that my retailers are using it to show customers the variety of products I make. It is becoming a real hit. Thanks again.

Don Col

Mike, I haven’t taken a moment to thank you and your staff for the very professional and wonderful website you built for us. Everyone in your office was professional, helpful and patient. We wanted a simple, sleek and professional website. We got it. Already, we have hired a new employee and acquired new installation and maintenance work. All, directly from people finding us while searching the internet for an irrigation/lawn sprinkler company in their area. I haven’t even advertised our domain yet! Great work; and many thanks.

Colleen MacKinnon

Thanks Mike, you are awesome!

Taylor Swift Musical

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know how pleasant it has been working with IIAS through this appliance project. I will certainly be back to you as other projects come along. Regards. 


Nick is a very caring person – I’d recommend him for his genuine desire to be of service to his clients as well as his tremendous ability to get search engine ranking results. If you’re considering having SEO done for your business’ website, look no further than Nick. You’ll be in for major growth in your online presence.

Alan Robertson

Nick is very perceptive and the work he does is always 110%. SEO is a difficult skill to perfect but I think he has just about got it down. He has worked with me on a few projects and he sure lightened the load. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him! He is super friendly!

Nicholas is great to work with and highly effective at what he does. He hustles when it’s time to hustle and listens when it’s time to listen. Glad I stumbled across him and would highly recommend him to anybody looking for an effective SEOer!

Elliot Bonneville

I have got to say, Nicholas Man is one of the most talented people I’ve worked with. What stood out the most was his knowledge and professionalism. On top of being great at SEO it is obvious that he really cares about his clients and his work. He is an asset to any Business that wants to increase their traffic.

Waqar Ali

Nicholas has an incredible work ethic, knowledge and common sense to throw in the mix. This my friend is THE recipe for success. There is no question about how, why or when. Just give him the keys and enjoy the ride.

Jim Corkern

Nicholas is one of the best at getting people to your website. He is great to work with and really cares about his clients success. When this is combined with his technical strengths his clients benefit. Highly recommended

Brian O'Connell

Nicholas is an outstanding Search Engine Optimization Expert. His knowledge and expertise will truly take your business to a whole new level. He is dedicated and has a great passion which can be seen in the work he does for his clients. Nicholas is a joy to work with and is an excellent communicator. He is highly recommended.

Jasmine Monique

Nicholas is relentless in getting things ranked. He is a master with SEO! Working with him was an inspiring experience. His attention to detail and work ethic are unmatched. I am confident that anyone working with him will be blown away with the results. I highly recommend his SEO services!

Victor Calderon

Thank you Mike and the team for getting the website published. Great work and on time. Really appreciate it!

Ranil Waliwitiya, PhD

President; Director Research & Development

Thank you Mike and the team for getting the website published. Great work and on time. Really appreciate it!
Ranil Waliwitiya, PhD
President; Director R&D
Active AgriScience

I want to thank and encourage you and your team. We had two new people visit our church this past Sunday. Both mentioned that they found our church through the internet. Thanks so much for all your hard work and efforts to help make this happen! Keep up the great work!

Bob Wong

Lead Pastor

Thanks, you rock.

Ty Mauger

The new site looks awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Wayne Maillet, BBM

Thank you for getting that dealt with so quickly!

Jessica Liboiron

Office Administrator

Thank you Mike, Excellent customer service

Mark Mauger

Looks great Mike! Thank you for your work. I expect this will help develop our creditability to a high degree.

Thanks Again

On time Transport

Did I tell you I love the colour. I love the cleanliness of it. Did I tell you the more I see it the more I like it.

Terri-Lynn Weatherby

President, Founder

OptimEyes Mobile Optician

That’s awesome. I like it.

Jason Cyr
Mine Vendors

You’re good!

Mark Campbell

I LOVE the peddle plane balloon dude that flies across the top of the screen! When did you freaks do that? It is so cool! I was talking on the phone last night while sitting in front of the computer and out of the corner of my eye I see this dude flying by…it sorta freaked me out…I thought it was a big bug or a hacker for a second…then I looked closer. Bonnie had the same reaction…she loved it too. I think we both said in stereo “that’s f#$%ing awesome”! 

Thanks dudes and dudets. 


Garry Lowney

Have we told you lately how much we love you guys…

Mike I feel such relief, you have in 3 moves refreshed our look. With the border and the drop shadow, this will be great for us!

Gerri Charles

That’s great Mike. You truly are the man.


Thanks Mike! Great service!


Wow – this is really something! Very wow! with gratitude.


Nicholas has a great SEO knowledge and expertise. He ranks websites at the top of Google search results for keywords other SEO agencies are only dreaming to achieve. His skill and hard work attitude help his clients take their businesses to the next level of prosperity. I highly recommend Nicholas.

Nick Vassilev

I had a pleasure working with Nicholas on a few projects and I found him to be proficient in SEO and Social media Management. He is an expert in driving traffic to your website in the most efficient manner. If you want more traffic, more leads ,and more customers, then Nicholas is your man. Highly recommended!!!

Shaaf Shah

Nicholas was a fantastic person to work with. As I remember, Nicholas was a very productive person. Nicholas is a multi-skilled, dedicated, smart and loyal SEO Consultant, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Result driven, highly motivated and reliable. Very positive attitude towards work.

Peter Chang

I can personally endorse Nicholas for the extensive amount of drive, focus and skill he puts into your website’s online presence. He’s a great web designer, excellent with on/off page optimization, and can guarantee you the results you work hard to pay for. After all, he ranks #1 for his area! How can you not go with an expert?

Noah Arnold

Nicholas is a great person to work with if you’re looking for measurable SEO results for your business. We partnered on a project after meeting in an SEO mastermind group and he helped us push the rankings of the project to never before seen heights of the 1st page SERPs. Always easy to get a hold of and on point with deadlines. Thanks Nicholas!

Matthew Buzza

Nicholas is an absolute wizard when it comes to SEO and online marketing. I highly recommend him for his SEO and consulting skills, especially if you need more paying customers.

Steven Clark

If your business is in need of a greater volume of leads, Nicholas can help. Nicholas’ work in search engine optimization has helped dozens of businesses drive potential clients to their websites and increase their revenues. Being on the bleeding edge of SEO, Nicholas is knowledgeable and very results driven. I highly recommend him!

John Victoria

Google Reviews

Andrew Dicknoether
Andrew Dicknoether
21:06 16 Jun 15
My company used IIAS and they were great, my website is professional, easy to use and suits me.I met with Mike before just for a consultation and he was able to explain everything in detail and in what order things should go. My website was made earlier than the time frame that was given and was definitely up to my standards.I would recommend IIAS to anybody if you are looking to have a website done.
Terri-Lynn Weatherby
Terri-Lynn Weatherby
18:50 13 May 15
IIAS has not only helped me reach the people they have helped me understand the pull and power of the world wide web. They are people who know their business. Thank you International Internet Advertising.
Dennis Giesbrecht
Dennis Giesbrecht
23:20 14 Jun 18
Thank you Nick for all your efforts in helping us with the promotions for our 65th Business anniversary in April. Appreciated the hard work and time. The promotions were a success and will reach out next time we do another major promotion. Thank you IIAS for the ongoing hosting of our website. Cheers Dennis
Ali Chernoff
Ali Chernoff
00:37 30 Jun 18
Nick and his team brought a fresh look to my out dated website. They combined my input and their professional experience. They did it in a timely manner at a reasonable price. If I upgrade my other website I will use them again.Thank you Ali J. Chernoff, RDRegistered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant
A Hart
A Hart
17:42 24 Apr 18
We found them though Google, and now they are helping people find our business as well!! Mike, Nick and the rest of the staff are super welcoming, and willing to listen to our needs and execute them perfectly. No bad ideas here, just progress and solutions! Thanks so much, and we look forward to growing our business with you! - All Spa Repairs
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong
15:41 19 Jun 18
We have worked with Mike and James (IIAS) for several years. They have always been there for Resolution Reprographics and Fraser Valley Reprographics. From website hosting , website functionality, to server hosting, we have had nothing but success with them. We would highly recommend IIAS for any of your Internet needs. Regards,Douglas SuddabyPresident
Kelly Shannon
Kelly Shannon
00:23 19 Apr 18
This was a great company to deal with! They were patient with us as we learned about what makes a good website, what was realistic to ask and what was not. We are super pleased with the end result and would definitely use them again. Thanks Nick!Kelly ShannonInukshuk Excavating Mission B.C.
Marilyn Koop
Marilyn Koop
22:18 19 Feb 18
Thanks to Mike and the team for the big improvements they made to our website. And a special thanks to Mike for his continued patient support - it seems he is always available to help when we need him, and responds promptly to any request we have. We are so thankful that Hub Motors referred us to Mike and IIAS!
Doris Woodman-McMillan
Doris Woodman-McMillan
16:57 08 Aug 18
I have found Nick Man and the rest of the team to be professional, respectful of my time and money, and truly interested in making my company better. I would recommend working with Nick for assistance with either SEO or SEM depending on your need. We have used both sides, and were happy with their response to our changing needs.
Remove Dust
Remove Dust
15:45 13 Aug 18
Internet Advertising Services Inc. did great job in updating our website. We were happy with our communication throughout the whole process, having a direct link to reference how far along our website was coming was found helpful. We hope to connect with them for more internet advertising soon.
Sarah Patrick
Sarah Patrick
17:58 24 Sep 18
I contacted IIAS to support in managing my website - they were quick to respond and easy to work with. They’re on top of any adjustments I’ve asked for and went above by sending me a video to support waking me through a question I had. Highly recommended.
Lisa Janzen
Lisa Janzen
16:22 24 Oct 18
Mike was super accommodating to us! We are interior designers and tend to want to tweek things always! Mike did everything we asked of him and always in a very timely manner. We LOVE our new website!
Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison
00:19 26 Jan 19
These guys are geniuses when it comes to SEO. I know that they are going to get my clients into that coveted top spot every time. Their excellence amazes me.
Derek Burbidge
Derek Burbidge
00:06 22 Feb 19
The amount of knowledge Nick and his team have is amazing. Nick is a master at SEO and is up to date on everything. I highly recommend him!
Jordan West
Jordan West
23:27 27 Feb 19
Amazing SEO experts. Nick especially is super knowledgable!
chris lester
chris lester
01:05 05 Mar 19
Nick and staff are the absolute best to deal with. I have tried working with multiple companies over the years and always felt frustrated and over charged for minimal results. Nick is an amazing communicator and has always delivered top notch results while staying within my budget. Wish i had found Nick many years ago. Do not hesitate to contact him.
Communications Board
Communications Board
23:57 04 Apr 19
Mike and James are the best! Thank you for your vision and expertise in arriving at a solution to a problem that we had previously been told was not solvable! Highly recommend you guys.
Kevin Kyle
Kevin Kyle
14:29 13 May 19
We had a great experience with Nick & his team. We used IIAS to help us with our social media when it came to recruitment for our clients we work with in the Fraser Valley. ABL Works will definitely work with Nick & the IIAS team on any future projects we need assistance with when it comes to our clients!
Paul Weirich
Paul Weirich
20:11 21 May 19
Excellent Service designing our website and providing SEO. Very good communication during the entire process.
Tim Holloway
Tim Holloway
14:10 08 Aug 19
Really appreciated how quickly and efficiently IIAS was able to help us with our church website issues. Great service at a very reasonable rate.
Härley Handsome
Härley Handsome
20:53 14 Sep 19
Top Notch Service! Nick and his Team are professional and fantastic!
Andrey Izvekov
Andrey Izvekov
19:54 02 Oct 19
Great company to work with. They have moved my business to the first page in organic search for less than 3 months, which I believe is a big deal taking in to consideration that fact that competition in the HVAC industry is huge. Customer oriented, very responsive and honest. Highly recommend!
Nick Man
Nick Man
02:29 21 Mar 17
A great place. I'm a little biased though because I work here but I know if the employees are happy and the energy there is good it tends to transfer to the clients we serve too.
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