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Thank you! I forgot to mention – it looks awesome
Amanda Muik
Airport Clerk
Thanks so much Mike. You have been giving us amazing service and I really appreciate you!
Wendy Gorner
Corporate Administrator
Thank you! I forgot to mention – it looks awesome I just cannot begin to thank you enough! I am so very happy with how the website has come along!!! Love the changes, and just the other day I had a lady come in and say she found me via Google and really liked the website. So thankful for all you have done with the website. Blessings and thank you!
Marlene Hendeerson
I just wanted to say what a GREAT job you and your team have done with the updated skin on the AEA website. It is very pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to work with!
Morgan Banks
Oh my goodness! You just made our lives so much easier!
I have relied on the team at Internet Advertising for many years, and they have never let me down! When I was running Ambassador Travel, we had continuous deadlines for print ads, sales newsletters, and internet ads, and the deadlines were always met. Even when they were given very short notice, the work was always top quality and came in on budget. More recently, I was about to launch my first book,, and needed a website and a promotional plan set up in a real hurry.

I was amazed with how quickly everything was completed, and truly delighted with the results. Thanks to the work at IIAS, my book became an Amazon best-seller on June 12, 2012. Internet Advertising has also set up my website and newsletter package for our Silver Star rental condo. This successful website has allowed us to keep the unit occupied throughout the year.

For almost a decade, IIAS has been there for me as I created new projects. What has always impressed me is how quickly they responded and how they were always able to come up with a solution for my technical needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Internet Advertising for any type of design, web or promotional work. They don’t just do the work – they deliver results.
I love it! I’m so excited with the changes you’ve done to the web site. It’s definitely something to be proud of. I can’t wait to print new business cards and get some logo jackets made for staff!
Sharon Forbes
Co-Executive Director
WOW! That looks incredible, I love it! Thank you Mike.
Heidi Klein
Writer - Editor
My company used IIAS and they were great, my website is professional, easy to use and suits me. I met with Mike before just for a consultation and he was able to explain everything in detail and in what order things should go. My website was made earlier than the time frame that was given and was definitely up to my standards. I would recommend IIAS to anybody if you are looking to have a website done.
Andrew Dicknoether
Hemlock Plumbing & Heating
Wow….the website looks great. Thank you for making those changes and adding the extras!
Loralynn Cartmell
Office Director
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