Website Optimization – Series Introduction

Posted on: August 1, 2023

Web optimization has become a confusing term. It seems that it’s often now thought of as just a different way of saying search engine optimization (SEO), but the two are not the same. Our last series on this topic was in 2017, so it’s time for an update, and a reminder that a great website is more than a search engine-optimized site.

While SEO is part of optimizing a website, it’s a process designed to align with search engine algorithms. Web optimization is a process designed to align with human wants and expectations.

While search engines like Google, with the help of artificial intelligence and a whole lot of complicated metrics and math, are attempting to simulate those wants and expectations, SEO can only deal with objective measures.

Let’s look at the example of loading time. Google can only measure how long it takes for your page or video to load. It knows that people prefer fast loads, because they leave if it’s more than a few seconds (and Google knows how long they stay on the page). But let’s say that you know that 90% of people who watch your stellar video make a purchase, is the loading stall worth it?

The answer is most likely yes, and there are ways to keep people waiting, and to overcome the lower points in the search algorithm for the slow load.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll look at what people really want, and how these relate, or don’t, to SEO. Topics will include first impressions, functionality, structure, features, content, and more.


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