Why Do We Help
Great Businesses Grow?

Because Great Businesses Drive the Economy & Improve the Lives of Everyone.

Businesses are the backbone of our economy.

The better the businesses the better our economy, the better our lives.

It can be upsetting that it’s not the best product or service that do well in the marketplace… It’s the ones that are marketed well (and I’m sure you can think of some terrible products that outsell yours for some reason).

That’s why we only work with great businesses.

Great businesses are the ones that provide the best value. Businesses that place importance on quality, sustainability and community. They always look for ways to provide more value to the marketplace. But they hit a ceiling because they are not marketers.

We just so happen to be good at helping great business grow through digital marketing.

We’re a group of talented individuals led by ambitious people.

We’re masters in Internet Advertising and we specialize in every aspect of Website Design & DevelopmentSEO, and SEM.

Our Mission: Helping Great Businesses Grow
Our Promise: To be your trusted adviser, build your business and take it to the next level.

Our 5 Core Values

Treat Team Members
Like a Client
We have always viewed a client as someone under the care, protection, and guidance of our company. This same sentiment applies to every team member as they interact with each other throughout the day.
We all act for the greater good because together we create a larger impact than we do individually. Team members will feel more fulfilled and be more productive when they know they have each other’s backs.
Ownership &
Every team member must have the ability to inject their own creativity into projects and build an environment where they can be trusted to make decisions. Taking ownership for choices both good and bad is important because this is how we are able to continually improve. In our view, failure is just experimentation gone on too long.
Innovation &
Innovation and learning go hand in hand. Innovating is like creating a new soup recipe and learning is adding more ingredients so you have more to work with; you need both of these to create the perfect recipe. For this reason, we value team members who are “learning machines” and who can drive innovation across our company.
Our entire focus is to provide results for our clients. At the end of the day theories sound great but how would you know unless you had a way of measuring? Numbers will always reveal the truth.

Our History from Humble Beginnings


3 Best Rated Advertising Agencies


25 Years in Business


3 Best Rated Advertising Agencies


Developed website for our largest client by market cap – $2.24B – interfor.com


Summit Creative Award – Well Being BC: Educational Marketing www.wellbeingbc.ca


Summit Creative Award – Kosmetae Academy: Educational Institute – www.kosmetae.com


Summit Creative Award Gold For Private Education Website


On June 25th,2014 Fraser Health won the Award of Merit – Top Innovation at the Excellence in BC Health Care Awards for their new surgery web pages and the Soonest Surgery Tool. We built.


Top Innovation at the Excellence in BC Health Care Awards


On boarded our first publicly traded company
Summit Creative Award - Marvee Systems: 3D Animation


Summit Creative Award - Marvee Systems: 3D Animation


Summit Creative Award Silver in 3D Animation


Best of .Biz top ranked website design for leatherchairs.biz


Became one of the first 100 Google QUALIFIED 2007 Adwords Professionals


First Dedicated Fiber Optic Connection for Web Hosting


Developed one of the world’s first shopping carts


Designed our first corporate website!

Meet The Dream Team

The team behind you is Extremely Important!

But looks aren’t the only thing…

Over 100 years of combined marketing experience
in one dream team.









Our Partners And Our Expertise!

Join our dream team of master marketers.

Are you interested in working with a company that helps great businesses grow?

Do you aspire to work with and be one of the best marketers in the world?

Would you like to have a positive impact on our economy?

Can you be trusted to make decisions and take responsibility for them?

Are you creative and enjoy applying new skills you have learned?

Our culture is all about one goal: Happiness for our team members, clients, suppliers, and the communities that connect us all.

Our culture runs deep in our company, read how our culture was shaped by Mike and Nick’s Culture Manifesto.

We have lots of experience

Read our blog.


Industry Experience:
25+ Years

Last Book Read:
Mastering Bitcoin

Can’t Live Without:

Mike Johnson

Founder and CEO

Mike received diplomas with outstanding achievements at UFV in CIS and MCB and has been an Internet business development strategist since 1994.

Mike is a continuous learner who prides himself on keeping up to date with emerging technology and Internet trends. He takes a hands-on approach to managing development projects, ensuring that the client and the development team share a common vision of the desired project outcome.

Mike is a charter member of the Abbotsford Executives Association, member of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, Director for The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec), Director for Abbotsford Airport Authority, member of the Aerospace & Technology Cluster, Past President of the Valley Business Network, and former Communications Director for the Fraser Valley Métis Association.


Industry Experience:
4 Years

Last Book Read:
Notes From Underground

Snowboarding/skiing, Hiking, Competitive Sports, Reading, Piano, Learning new things

Nicholas Man

Search Engine Optimization / Business Operations Consultant

Nick is an SEO mastermind whose research skills keep him up to date with the latest strategies and search engine algorithms.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and continuous pursuit of excellence, Nick is also a trusted business operations advisor.


Industry Experience:
5+ Years

Watching TV and apparently nagging!?

Can’t Live Without:

Angela Johnson

Reception / Accounting / Office Management

Angela is the domain name manager that registers and keeps track of the status of your website address; she’s the bookkeeper that pays the bills and sends out the invoices, and basically the one who takes care of the many administrative tasks necessary to keep projects on track and the office running smoothly.


Industry Experience:
20+ Years


Can’t Live Without:

Joanne Severn

Strategist / Copywriter

Joanne holds a BA in Psychology and is an experienced management and marketing consultant.With five awards to her credit, she provides excellent advice to our clients regarding the strategic and creative aspects of their website and marketing program.


Industry Experience:
3 Years

Last Book Read:
Horticulture books, specifically one on succulents.

Can’t Live Without:
Friends in some form, even if its family or an animal

Keara Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our in-house millennial is the expert in social media marketing and advertising.

From Buzzfeed to Twitter, our clients’ messages round the globe in record speed on popular sharing platforms.


Industry Experience:
20+ Years

Last Book Read:
Rich Dad Poor Dad

Can’t Live Without:
Oxygen ; )

James Konkler

Senior Web Developer

With more than 20 years of industry experience, James is our “go to guy” for complex development projects.

Up to date with all the latest technologies and applications, James is a future oriented problem solver who delivers high quality outputs for our clients and their customers.


Industry Experience:
20+ Years

Last Book Read:
Taylor’s Differential Diagnosis Manual

Electronics, Painting, Songwriting, Inventing

Andrew Jaster

Web Developer

A former web design college instructor with more than 20 years of experience, Andrew is exceptionally skilled at turning the visualized plan for a website into a fully functioning, cleanly programmed, and easy to maintain website.

Specifically, Andrew’s role is to transform the raw elements of a website into a visually engaging and user friendly experience.


Industry Experience:
18+ Years

Last Book Read:
The Reef

Can’t Live Without:
Anything “Apple”

Artist/Graphic Designer

Senior Web Designer

Paul is an awarding winning web designer whose talents include interface design, CSS3 integration, bootstrapped framework and responsive design.

Working with our team, Paul creates the visual and people pleasing elements for each website.