SEO Case Study - Prima Power Systems

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The Client Prima Power Systems

The Presenting Problem

Prima Power Systems aimed to significantly expand their market share in Western Canada and achieve annual sales exceeding $50,000,000 and beyond. To kickstart this growth, the initial focus was on revamping their website, as it serves as the cornerstone for all future marketing efforts. Subsequently, efforts were directed towards launching Google Ads Campaigns and implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEM and SEO) strategies to attract distinct segments of their target audience.

The Strategy

  1. Website Redesign for Diverse Audience Appeal: The primary strategy involved a comprehensive website redesign to cater to a wider range of customers, including commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational segments. The revamped website would serve as an effective platform to engage with and attract these diverse customer groups.

  2. Research and Digital Marketing Services: To facilitate market growth, in-depth research and digital marketing services were deployed. This included identifying key market trends, analyzing competitors, and crafting targeted digital marketing campaigns to bolster Prima Power Systems’ presence and reach in Western Canada.

  3. Ongoing Support and Performance Enhancement: The project also entailed providing continuous support to maintain, monitor, and enhance the company’s digital performance. This involved regular updates, optimization efforts, and performance analysis to ensure sustainable growth and improvement over time.

The Outcome

The implemented strategies yielded positive outcomes for Prima Power Systems, including:

  • Enhanced Website Design Interface: The website redesign led to a more appealing and user-friendly interface, catering effectively to a broader audience base.

  • 40% Increase in Total Keyword Rankings on Google: The SEO efforts resulted in a significant improvement in search engine rankings. Starting with 1,213 ranking keywords on Google, the number has risen to 1,696. This demonstrates increased visibility and potential for attracting organic traffic to the website.

By achieving these outcomes, Prima Power Systems is now well-positioned to not only expand their market share in Western Canada but also to attain their ambitious sales targets. The combination of a revamped website, effective digital marketing strategies, and ongoing support has contributed to their considerable business growth.