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You’ve probably heard a lot about search engine optimization and you may be wondering if SEO is really all it’s hyped up to be. It can make a huge difference to your business, but ONLY if it’s done right.

SEO isn’t a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing investment in your most important marketing tool – your website. That investment will pay dividends high enough to make the cost insignificant. How do we know that? Because we’ve done it for ourselves and for many (many!) very happy clients.

In fact, we are the premier search engine optimization agency for Chilliwack, BC, according to Google’s search engine. In case you don’t believe that, the fact that you’re on this page proves how good we really are. You’re reading this page because our website is search engine optimized!

The reason our results are so good is because we only use proven SEO strategies. We don’t guess about what might work. We research and test our strategies extensively before putting them to use on a Chilliwack client’s site. Our SEO team is focused on search engine optimization strategies that work with Google’s current algorithms.

Identifying and using the best keywords for your target market is important, BUT it’s only one part of the process. Google reviews all of your site content and values quality writing, quality graphics, and relevancy. You also need a technically solid site structure and appropriate components to be ranked in the top results for any keywords.

We can help you dominate your competition in search engines.

The goal of SEO is to get your website noticed by your target market. Getting on the first page of results is pointless if those results aren’t directly relevant to your business or attractive to your market. Since most industries have some technical jargon or in-house phrases that consumers don’t use, this is an important factor that is often missed.

You may think that search engine optimization is only necessary if you’re competing on a global scale. Here’s the thing: you are competing on a global scale! Even if your business is in Chilliwack, BC, and even if most of your customers are local, every Google search is drawing results from the entire internet.

That’s where most shoppers start – with a Google search. Even your past customers may not remember the exact name, phone number, or location of your shop or office, so they do a search. When they do, there are a ton of competitors looking to steal your clients away!

Let’s look at an example. There are about 10 shoes stores in Chilliwack, and a few clothing stores that also sell shoes. But if you Google “women’s shoes chilliwack bc” you’ll get 346,000 results!

womens's shoes chilliwack bc

We get the best SEO results and you can too.

At the top of the page are paid listings (ads) for Quarks (a major brand), an online store in Nelson, and another major brand, Mark’s.

On the side are more ads, with images that catch the eye and can certainly distract a local buyer, sending them off to an online store.

We get the best SEO results and you can too.
Then comes the mapped listings. Only three are visible without clicking “View all,” and two of those are major chain stores, which even in local listings have more weight with Google.

Below the map are three directory sites, two chain stores that have outlets in Chilliwack, two chains that don’t, Facebook Marketplace, two results from one Chilliwack store, and three more ads.

That’s a total of only three shoe stores listed on the first page for Chilliwack (not including Walmart or Mark’s).

So, you can lose buyers right at the top of the page. You can lose buyers if you’re not on the map. And, if you’re not somewhere on the first page, your chance to attract customers just went down significantly, and probably close to zero.

Your site will only be seen if you have it search engine optimized by professionals with expertise in SEO, and we are those pros!

Increasing your visibility in your target market is vital to your success.

SEO is an ongoing process because things change quickly. Local competitors come and go, new online shops pop up, and Google changes their algorithms. We are a BC company, we have an in-house SEO team, and we keep very close track of how your site is doing. We use analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, and many other proprietary tools. We make adjustments when needed to keep you on that first page of Chilliwack results.

We get the best SEO results and you can too.

“SEO” is one of the most competitive keywords in Chilliwack on Google, but here you are! You’re reading this because our website ranked at or near the top when you searched for “SEO Chilliwack” or something similar.

It’s always best to hire a professional who is able to demonstrate their expertise. The fact that you’re on this page demonstrates our expertise in SEO.

Let’s Get To The Bottom Line

When you hire the best SEO agency (that’s us!) you will get more customers.

When you start showing up on the first page of search results, it’s almost impossible not to. More customers mean more sales and more profits. Isn’t that your goal?

We’ll create or revise all of the technical aspects of your site to optimize the back end. We’ll also ensure that your content is optimized specifically for your target audience.

We have seen the results of our SEO work skyrocket our client’s sales by 10-fold. We can help you get more business for your Chilliwack location through search engine optimization.

If you are serious about improving your visibility in search engines and want to start getting results right away, please fill out our discovery form. This will provide us with important information we will need to prepare a quote for you.

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