SEO Case Study - Beauty en Route

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The Client Beauty en Route

The Presenting Problem

Meagan, the owner of Beauty en Route, offers on-site hair and makeup services through a mobile shop. Recognizing the pivotal role of her website in marketing efforts, she sought to invest in SEO to drive business growth. She discovered our services through Google and was naturally inclined to trust us due to our high search engine rankings.

The Strategy

  1. Find the Best Keywords for Meagan’s Unique Business: The core strategy focused on identifying the most effective keywords for Meagan’s unique business, ensuring that her website would rank prominently for search terms relevant to her services.

  2. Focus on the Locations Served: To maximize the impact of SEO efforts, the strategy honed in on the specific locations where Beauty en Route provides services. This localized approach aimed to capture the attention of potential clients in the areas served.

  3. Increase Visibility to Create Awareness: The overarching goal was to increase the online visibility of Beauty en Route, creating awareness among potential clients searching for on-site beauty services. Enhanced visibility would position Meagan’s business as a top choice in her niche.

  4. Increase Website Visits: An essential objective was to drive more traffic to the website, attracting visitors actively seeking beauty and makeup services. This involved optimizing the website for higher organic search rankings.

The Outcome

The SEO efforts yielded significant outcomes for Beauty en Route:

  • Increase in Impressions: There was an impressive 545% increase in views of the Google My Business listing. This substantial boost in impressions indicates heightened visibility and awareness among potential clients.

  • Increase in Website Traffic: Organic traffic to the website witnessed a notable 202% increase, indicating improved search engine rankings and increased visits from potential clients seeking beauty services.

  • 100% Increase in Website Visits from Google My Business (GMB): The optimized GMB listing led to a 100% increase in website visits directly from Google My Business, further showcasing the success of the SEO strategy.

These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the SEO strategy in significantly increasing online visibility, website traffic, and visits from potential clients for Beauty en Route. The considerable business growth achieved through these efforts reinforces the value of investing in SEO.

Rankings Overview

Feb 10, 2021 – Aug 31, 2022

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