It’s Really Not a Riddle

Posted on: January 24, 2023

What do a yard maintenance company, an animal hospital, and an HVAC service provider have in common? They’ve all had a huge boost in business since using our search engine optimization and marketing services.

We don’t often brag about ourselves, but we’re making this exception because there are still business owners and managers out there who are skeptical about search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO and SEM). For those of you “in the know,” here’s your opportunity to spout a few statistics to the boss.

Let’s start with Mr. Lawn. When we first met with them, they weren’t doing any advertising at all. The first month of SEM generated more than \$22,000 in sales! Adding SEO, their visibility increased dramatically, ranking in the top three for their most desired keywords. With the revamping of their website, their business has more than doubled in the past three years, and we continue to support that growth with ongoing services.



Clearbrook Animal Hospital was an established business when they came to us unhappy with their Google ranking and visitors to their website. With our assistance, web visitors from Google Maps increased 73%; direction requests went up 157%, and phone calls went up 66%. They went to the top three in ranking, increasing website visitors directly from results by 56%.

Quick Cool Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. came to us wanting to have a more consistent stream of potential customers. Well, no problem! Organic traffic to their website increased more than 400% and the monthly number of phone calls went up by a whopping 4,300%.

Being good at what you do – even being the best – will not keep you in business if you don’t have customers. Digital advertising, in all forms, is the most effective and the most cost-efficient means of increasing patronage; and we’re really good at it!

Enough said.