A Winning Website: Part 4 – Clarity in Purpose

Posted on: April 25, 2023

In this edition of our series on how to get a winning website, we’re going to talk about how the purpose of your site influences the structure and content. For most businesses, their website is the core of their marketing strategy. Other tactics get visitors to the site, and the site induces the customer to act on the call to action.

The first decision is that all-important call to action. What is it that you want a site visitor to do? Examples include: a) make a purchase; b) come to your physical store; c) make an appointment; d) sign up for your newsletter; or e) call for more information.

The call to action is like setting a goal for a project. All the steps we take in building the site are designed collectively to reach that goal – influence the visitor to take that action.

Follow-up action is another consideration. Let’s say that you have an online store, so the primary purpose of your site is to make sales. A shopper puts an item in their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. Your goal is not yet achieved, and follow-up action can be the stimulus. You can first send automated emails; first just reminding them that they have an item in the cart; then a next one offering a discount on that purchase; or perhaps suggesting a similar but less expensive option. The point is to keep them engaged with your store until the goal is reached.

If you’re opening a new business, your main purpose may be just to create awareness. In that case, our strategy is likely to include storytelling. We’ll want to make your business interesting and therefore memorable.

Another important factor is your unique sales proposition or USP. Where do you want to position your business in the marketplace? Are you the most knowledgeable? Do you provide the best value? Do you care more about your customers? A winning website portrays the company’s USP throughout the site to engrain that message in the visitors’ memory.

For example, are you the best baker in town because you are the most knowledgeable and experienced? In that case, we’d suggest videos on your site, showing you using that knowledge to create the most luxurious and delicious chocolaty chocolate cake ever. Perhaps we’d feature your Mexican abuela (grandmother) whom you’ve been baking with since you were a toddler.

Or do you provide the best value in the siding market? In that case, we’d suggest before and after images, as well as comparisons of the most expensive vs. your brand of siding.

In addition to visuals, the structure and content of your site need to address your target market ( Part 2), be consistent with your brand (Part 3), and portray your USP.

With all of that in mind, we can then create an appealing design, a strategic path for visitors to follow; a navigation system that uses the best terms for menu items, an appropriate ratio of images to narrative content, and make all of the other decisions that result in a winning website customized for your business.

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