A Winning Website: Part 2 – Your Target Market

Posted on: March 21, 2023

Welcome back to our spring series. In Part 1 we listed the reasons why you want a winning website, and now we’re getting into the how. First up, is the deepest dive you can manage about your target market. Knowing your target market is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

Your target market needs to be defined in ways that are meaningful to your business. Consider these:

Age: This is usually defined by the range of ages that your product or service is intended for, but there are exceptions. Remember that your targeting has to include those who have the actual buying power. So, if you sell baby clothes, your target market is actually adults. If your product is aimed at teens, you’ll likely have to impress the parents as well. Major purchases with a high price tag may have to get the nod of a spouse.

Gender: This can be a tricky one these days, so think through some scenarios to help you out. It’s definitely preferable not to categorize male vs female or make assumptions. Do your research and then think to the future. Even if your market is male dominated, you want to include women in your marketing to some extent. Just as one example, if you sell construction tools, you could have a category for lighter weight or home use vs. those for on the job site. This way you hone in on the use or the physicality of user, not their gender.

Buying Power: Regardless of whom your product or service is intended for, you need to think about who will do the actual purchasing. If you’re solving a problem, who has the problem? This will also help you with your marketing pitch. For example, bibs for the elderly are likely to be purchased by the one who does the laundry!

Characteristics: This is another factor that can influence several aspects of your marketing plans. For example, are you catering to outdoor enthusiasts? Perhaps you sell kayaks or camping gear. People who enjoy the outdoors are also likely to be conscientious about environmental sustainability. Your recycling and reuse practices should be mentioned in your advertising. Are they more likely to be concerned with self-image or have empathy for others? Do they follow the latest trends or shop for necessities only? Creating a personality profile of your ideal customer is a great way to focus on characteristics to add to your overall customer persona.

Other aspects to consider are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Needs vs wants
  • Location
  • Family unit
  • Level of education
  • Type of job
  • Shopping preferences
  • Problems you can solve

Use your research to create a detailed description of your ideal customer, then expand into ranges for the various factors as appropriate. These are your people!

Next time – honing your brand. Stay tuned!

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