Marketing Series Part 1 – What “Marketing” Means

Posted on: August 29, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of our Marketing series. Our intent is to share our knowledge of the timeless basics of marketing and business development, and how these translate into the current sales environment. Our hope is to give you greater insight into the consumer perspective and show you how to use this information to grow your business. You’ll have the option to just read and learn, or to put the information to use to create your own Marketing Plan. So, the first order of business is to talk about what Marketing means in today’s world.

Basically, with the proliferation of digital communications, advertising, public relations, customer relationship management, reputation management, brand management and any form of promotion, have now all been smooshed together into one big heap we call Marketing.

That said, you still want to have policies and plans covering each of these aspects of Marketing, so we’ll be discussing each of these different but equally important perspectives as we work through the planning process. Here’s the lineup:

October: Your Products, Services, and Target Markets – understanding who your customers are, why they want what you have to offer, and why they’ll make the decision to buy from you.

November: Brand Management – what branding really means and how to manage your brand through all aspects of your business operations.

December: Reputation Management – establishing policies and procedures to protect your brand and your company.

January: Customer Relations – living up to your brand character, keeping customers engaged, and creating advocates for your company.

February: Public Relations – increasing awareness, recognition and recall to grow your customer base, and protecting your company from bad publicity.

March: Marketing Strategy – setting objectives, parameters, and a feasible budget.

April: Advertising – finding the best mix of ad types and venues to promote your products and services.

May: Your Marketing Plan – putting all the pieces together to create your own Marketing Plan.

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