University of Fraser Valley

The University of the Fraser Valley originally called University College of Fraser Valley and now known simply as UFV, is a Canadian academic institution with campuses in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope, British Columbia. It was named after the first president of UFV – Dr. George Fraser, who went on to found the Canadian Medical Association. He also founded the Fraser Institute for Health Research and Education. Other prominent Canadian figures have been associated with the school including former finance minister Michael McCarter.

The campus is located in what used to be Fraser Valley’s smoky mining town of Abbottsford, so named because of a local smoldering fire that took place there in 1840. Today, the main campus is in a modern, attractive setting, featuring many garden-style buildings and a beautiful lakefront setting. There are also many recreational opportunities such as swimming, boating, hiking and nature trails.

The campus offers many different types of programs for students. There are over 40 different graduate degrees and certificate programs including several Masters programs including one in Health Professions. There are over ten campuses around Canada, but the University of Fraser Valley offers the largest number of courses.

There are many interesting activities that students can participate in. For example, the UFV campus has a marine science center complete with an aquarium. They also offer an aquatic centre that has several exhibits including an “Eco-nautical Hypothesis” exhibit. There are also many clubs and organizations on campus for students to become involved with. They have a Drama Club, a Graphic Design Society, and Loan Students’ Group.

The University of Fraser Valley also offers over forty different student groups throughout the year. These groups offer a variety of clubs, including academic and community organizations. They also offer over two thousand counselling spaces, which allow students to acquire counselling services from a variety of professionals. For those individuals who may have financial difficulties, there is access to a Financial Aid program. This service is available to full time, part time and university students.


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The campus also offers a large Retail Business Centre, which has over four hundred shops, restaurants, and offices. The Centre has two branches, the Sather Retail Centre and the Main Street Business Centre. The Sather has been named the “One-Stop Shop” of Fraser Valley because of its vast selection of electronics, furniture, kitchen appliances, housewares and fitness equipment. The Main Street Business Centre has been named the “Fraser Valley Employer of Choice” for over twenty years in the area.


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