Historic Clayburn Village

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The beautiful town of Clayburn in Abbottsford British Columbia Canada is a short drive from the popular resort town of Kamloops, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in British Columbia. This small community is set against the beautiful backdrop of the Fraser River and the Pacific Ocean. The first inhabitants of this quaint town were Canadian fishermen who could easily catch and transport their catch back to town for a handsome return. The beautiful, freshwater lakes in Clayburn provide year-round fishing opportunities as well as hiking trails for the avid outdoorsman. There is a wide variety of accommodations to choose between ranging from beach resorts to bed and breakfasts, to cabin rentals to Victorian-style houses with lawns and gardens.

While at Clayburn Village you can experience the heritage of this beautiful town along with the outdoors by strolling through the many museums and art galleries. You can also enjoy shopping at several of the area’s busiest shopping malls and boutiques. Many visitors bring their family members along on a day trip to this small village to spend some time in the beautiful natural environment of Clayfarm. If you are staying at a cabin or vacation rental, you will find a number of activities that families of all ages can participate in including biking, hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, and sailing. The village has two campgrounds that offer easy access to water and the services of a camp host or hotel staff to help with any problems or questions that you may have.

When you visit Clay Farm Village you will be able to stay at one of the many different types of accommodations available. You can choose to stay in a quaint single-family home or a large hotel or lodge. The hotels and cabins range from bed and breakfast establishments to full-service campgrounds that include amenities like fire rings, playgrounds, and other attractions. Some of the accommodations are complete with their own kitchen so you can purchase meals whenever you are ready to enjoy your vacation. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied and this beautiful historic place to visit will make the perfect vacation retreat for you and your friends and family. It’s also pretty close to Castle Fun Park.