Abbotsford Centre

ARC – Abbotsford Recreation Centre 

University of Fraser Valley

Clayburn Village

The Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Centre are located in Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada at the mouth of Fraser River. It is the second-largest commercial venue of its kind in Abbotsford and hosts over 90 events annually. The Centre hosts major agricultural exhibits, conferences, expositions, and farmer’s markets along with providing trade shows and entertainment for visitors.

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There are many attractions and places of interest at this premier expo center and you will find that the events covered here cover almost all aspects related to farming and the agricultural industry. A major feature of the Tradex expo is the “Canadians in agriculture” exhibition, which happens every other year. This exhibition brings the attention of visitors from all over Canada to the exciting world of agriculture. The main features of this exhibition include agricultural exhibits, educational sessions, presentations, farm visits, and farm events. Here you will also get to hear about the experiences of Canadian farmers and take part in discussions with other visitors.

Other highlights of the Tradex expo include exhibits, lectures, demonstrations, and farm visits from leading agricultural companies. For a true Canadian experience, you can also participate in activities like Canadian Round the World Expo, a trip to the Tillage Research Centre, and a cruise in the Pickering region. For international visitors, the Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Centre has an interactive learning center where educators and scientists can use multimedia to explain their work. For people who love animals and enjoy spending time outdoors, you can participate in programs like pony trekking, hiking, camping, and photography exhibitions. You will not find a better place where to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the natural beauty.