A Simple Way to Test your Web Content

Posted on: August 26, 2019

A simple way to test your web content

Quality content is one of the most important aspects of your web design. Your potential customers rely on it, and search engines use it to index and rank your site. Borrowing a tactic used in the journalism industry, you can assess the content of your website by ensuring that you have answered the “5 Ws” plus “how.” (And just in case you’re in a trivia contest someday, since a discovery in 2010, the 5 Ws have been attributed to Aristotle.)

Who: Who are you, and who are you targeting? Your website should describe your company and what they’re about, as well as who your target market is. E.g. “We believe that people of all abilities feel good when they look good. That’s why we offer fashionable clothing items with unseen adaptations that make dressing well easier.”

What: What products or services do you provide? Your home page should give an overview; and different types of offerings should be divided into categories. In most cases, each category will be a menu item with its own page. Using the example above, your categories might be: slacks, shorts, shirts, and sweaters.

When: Your site should tell customers your hours of service; and, if you ship products, when they can expect delivery. E.g. “Our friendly customer service staff are available to help you with selection and sizing, online or in-store, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm Eastern time. You can order online at any time, and your items will be delivered within four business days.”

Where: Providing the address of your physical location helps build trust, and some potential customers living near you may prefer to do business in person. Your address is also used by search engines and apps like Google Maps, and will provide a distance and directions to your door.

Why: Why do I need your services? Why should I buy these items from you and not a competitor? The “why” is critical. What’s special about your company? Tell your brand story!

How: In this context, “how” can refer to how you’re different; how your products or services are different; or how you actually do what you do. Again using the accessible clothing example, you might have a few short videos demonstrating how easy it is to put on your various pieces of clothing.


So, have a read through your website with fresh eyes, and see if you’ve answered all of the basic questions that stem from the 5 Ws. If you notice any gaps, we’re here to help.