The Vancouver Aquarium and Sea World

Vancouver Aquarium

A wondrous attraction, the Vancouver Aquarium has something to offer to not only the marine creatures of our times but also to our children as well. Over sixty years old, Vancouver Aquarium Canada has been providing a wonderful resource for people of all ages. Established in 1960, it has managed to build up a dedicated yet charitable following all across Canada. What this means is that not only can you view marine animals but you can also help them by purchasing gifts and contributing towards conservation.

Vancouver Aquarium’s four-dimensional theatre is considered a marvel of modern aquatic technology. The Vancouver Aquarium’s aqua park is one such place which will give you an experience you’ll never forget. A beautiful natural setting with a number of interactive exhibits, Vancouver Aquarium’s Sea Otter Playhouse will definitely give your kids a delightful time while at the same time exposing them to a number of live aquatic creatures. Children can interact with the seals, dolphins and even the stingrays while learning about how these animals live in the wild.

Vancouver Aquarium has also got many attractions outside its two aquariums namely a marine museum and the Vancouver Aquarium Water Park. On the other hand, the Vancouver Aquarium theme parks are wonderful places to spend a nice evening either with your family or friends. There are also numerous theme parks accessible in Vancouver BC Canada. These theme parks offer amusement, excitement, adventure and an overall sense of thrill and joy. From Amusement park to Movie theatres, Vancouver BC Canada has a wide range of amusement parks.

One of the finest things about Vancouver Aquarium’s marine life facility is its presence of stable fish. Offered in a number of different species, these live coral reefs are kept under very strict conditions with the assistance of specialists. With a separate tank exclusively meant for these fish, Vancouver Aquarium visitors have a chance to interact with these extraordinary creatures and take home something unique to themselves.

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The Vancouver Aquarium also has a strong tie-up with other non-profit and conservation organizations. The Vancouver Aquarium has partnered up with the conservation organization Sea World for the promotion of marine conservation. Vancouver Aquarium has been instrumental in many environmental fundraising campaigns like the Polar Bear Protection Fund. This fund raising campaign raised millions of dollars for the benefit of bear conservation across Canada and the United States. Several well-known celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Brad Pitt support this cause.

Vancouver Aquarium also partners with other charitable organizations to help animals in need. One of the favored activities of the Vancouver Aquarium visitors is the opportunity to participate in fundraising events. Among the activities included in such fundraising events are the hosting of a gala exhibition and fundraising dinner. Among the Vancouver Aquarium’s partners in the promotion of animal encounters are the Canadian Zoo, Save the whales International and Sea Lion Rescue. These animal encounters are done in a manner that allows people to interact with the animals for a longer period of time than would be possible if they visited the Vancouver Aquarium directly.

Some of the attractions held at the Vancouver Aquarium include the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Park, Vancouver Aquarium’s Underwater Zoo Vancouver. Among the attractions in the Underwater Zoo are the seals that have been trained to come to humans and play with toys. There are also a number of seal species for visitors to see including the Vancouver Aquarium’s sea otters and grey seals.

For many tourists, Vancouver Aquarium will likely be the first stop in their vacation. Other sightseeing attractions in the area include the Science Centre, Chinatown and the Museum of Vancouver, the Vancouver Public Library, and Robson Street. Vancouver is one of the fastest developing cities in North America where there are a variety of cultural and recreational activities taking place. For non-stop fun, Vancouver Aquarium should be a first stop on any trip to B.C.