Important Things to See while Visiting the Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver is an urban historical museum situated in Vanier Park, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. The Museum of Vancouver is one of the largest and most comprehensive cultural heritage museums. The museum has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Museum of Vancouver was established in 1894 and underwent many iterations before finally being re-designated as the Museum of Vancouver. It is one of the seven Canadian Art museums accredited by UNESCO. The Museum of Vancouver holds collections that cover the history of Canadian art, culture and history and art in  Canada.


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The Museum of Vancouver features numerous art galleries featuring the work of some of today’s most renowned artists as well as new contemporary artists. The museum’s permanent exhibition Space Walk presents the world of art from the past to the future. This is one of the major attractions of the Museum of Vancouver as visitors get a chance to view a glimpse of the future of the city through this interactive journey. The Vancouver Art Gallery and the Museum of Vancouver Medieval Art Gallery are other major attractions in the Museum. These two venues exhibit unique works of Canadian art by some of the country’s most promising artists.


The Theatre National Park in partnership with the Province of British Columbia is an exciting place to experience Canadian culture in all its majestic beauty. The Park offers a magnificent setting for musical productions such as Rehearsal Theatre, the Vancouver Senior Opera, Vancouver Children’s Theatre, the Vancouver Senior Theatre and the award winning Canadian Theatre. The Park also offers numerous outdoor events and activities such as Para-Pedi and the Canada 150 celebrations. The theatre festival in partnership with the Canadian Presence at the Festival of Canada is an interesting event to attend and sometimes there are popup shows in coal harbour.

A walk through the Museum of Vancouver will allow you to see Vancouver’s Chinatown with one of the oldest sections in North America. Tourists get to tour the traditional Chinese markets and shops that are open every day. There are also many interesting Chinese restaurants and food stalls where one can taste authentic Chinese cuisine. The Vancouver Public Library is also one place of interest, as visitors can check out books, newspapers and also history and maps. The Museum of Vancouver also features a replica of the Washington Hotel, the Royal Gorge, a shipwreck and an artificial seawall.

The Vancouver Aquarium is an excellent tourist attraction. The Vancouver Aquarium is home to hundreds of exotic species of marine life and displays them in their natural habitat. There are a large selection of tropical fish, dolphins and seals as well as many animals to feed the visitors. residents can also enjoy the benefits of visiting the aquarium as they can take advantage of the different services such as marine passport services.

The Vancouver Winter Festival, considered the largest event in Canada, is held every February. Vancouverites look forward to this colourful celebration which includes street celebrations, cultural events and performances. Vancouver also hosted the Canada Winter Olympic Games. It is a competition organized by the Government of Canada that brings together the world’s best athletes.