Spruce Up Your Website for 2018

Posted on: December 18, 2017

Spruce up your website for 2018 (and more importantly, for under $1,000!)

‘Twas the season for spending, so Angela’s in bargain hunting mode. She suggested an article on quick and easy (and therefore, cheap) ways to perk up a website that’s a couple of years old. Great idea, so here we go!

Bold typography is an emerging trend for 2018, so we can make your site look very current with a few changes to the font style and colour. If you do this yourself, don’t go crazy, leave the body text plain, and use the same choice for headers consistently throughout the site.

Change to new, unique photos.

Images are powerful, and even more so when they show you, your customers and your products/services. Whether you’re using stock images now or site visitors have just been looking at the same photos for months, changing things up will give your site a wonderful boost.

Take something away.

Every aspect of your website should have a purpose. We can go through your site with you page by page and look for anything – a sentence, an image, a background shape – that really doesn’t need to be there. You’ll end up with more white space and more concise text, making the site more focused and easier to navigate.