Just One Thing

Posted on: January 9, 2023

Happy New Year! Traditionally, at this time of year we talk about new beginnings, doing research, setting goals, and making detailed plans to reach those goals. But with all that has changed in the past few years, and the uncertain trajectory of the year ahead, perhaps it’s time to change how we approach change.

If you Google “one thing,” you’ll find references to the power of positivity, a book about focusing on a singular goal, and a master theory in physics that will explain everything. Those are lofty concepts compared to the simplicity of what we’re talking about, although there are some similar elements.

So, what is this simple version of “just one thing?” Pick one task, and do it. Don’t over-think it. Don’t change your mind. Just get it done. It doesn’t even matter which task you pick, or if it was on your “to do” list in the first place. Pick. Do.

You can start with annoyances. It’s often the littlest things that drive us bananas. Those things suck energy, put us in a bad mood, and prevent us from focusing on more important matters. So, deal with it. Never any cream in the staff room fridge for your morning coffee? Add that to someone’s job description.




You can start with “I wish.” Are you still doing payroll with hand-written time sheets and wish it wasn’t such a time-consuming task? Make that your one thing. Talk to the bookkeeper, call the accountant for recommendations on automated systems, get pricing. The operation runs when you’re on vacation for two weeks. You can take two days to find a better, faster way to do payroll.

You can start with a task that will advance you towards a goal. Even if we don’t formally write down our goals, we all have them in our heads. You do have at least a sense of where you want to go, where you want to take your business, what you’d like to accomplish this year. So, what’s one thing you can do to move that agenda forward? Any one thing.

So many of us are tired, and basically overwhelmed by life in general. It may seem futile to spend weeks setting goals and making plans, when the day to day always seems to throw you a curve ball. If that’s your current mindset, Just One Thing might help.

Accomplishments give us satisfaction, make us feel more confident, and give us energy to move on to the next task. As long as you’re moving in the right direction, every step gets you closer to your destination. So, go ahead, take one tiny little step.