It’s Time!

Posted on: September 15, 2021

Summer isn’t officially over yet, but there’s a coolness in the air to remind us that fall will soon be here. We know you don’t want to think about it yet, but it is time to get to work on your fall and winter marketing plans. Take a deep breath and give us a call to find out what you need to think about, and what you don’t. There are lots of ways we can help.

Thanksgiving – In Canada, Thanksgiving this year is Monday, October 11th, and the USA, Thursday November 25th. This first official holiday of the fall season is a great time to sell home décor, specialty foods, women’s and men’s fashions, as well as lighter home improvement items like paint. Even if you’re in a different industry though, we can help you find a creative way to promote your products or services around the theme of family, friends, and giving thanks.

Halloween – Although not actually a holiday, Halloween is a big deal for many people, and in recent years, particularly for young adults, rather than little kids. We’re not sure what the rules will be on parties by then, but you can still bet that costumes, yard decorations, and tasty treats will all be sought after items.

Christmas – Christmas shopping is going to be interesting this year, and we encourage you to prepare for both online and in person customers. If you’re bringing in unique, seasonal items, you’ll want to start advertising even sooner than usual. We’re also thinking that direct to receiver shipping will be more popular than ever this year, so consider offering gift wrapping and card enclosures. Also consider the mood of the nation and your company’s values in planning your promotions. Giving a little to charity can mean a lot to your customers.

Boxing Day – As we’ve all learned, every business can get in on the Boxing Day extravaganza. Customers are looking for deep discounts, early bird specials, and deals on everything from baby clothes to major appliances. If you’re business is usually slow January to March, this is also a great opportunity to offer gift certificates for services.

Think about your existing target market, other market segments you’d like to attract, and the products or services you have that are new or will be popular in coming months. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll help you put that plan together.