Heat Up Summer Sales in 3 Steps

Posted on: June 19, 2023

Summer road trips are back! While people were still a bit hesitant last year, 2023 is going to be the year for traveling, gatherings and family activities. If you sell items or services that are most sought after in the hot summer months, here are the three steps you need to take to reach the highest summer sales revenue you’ve seen in years.

Step 1: Identify your best summer sellers. While trends have changed, you may want to look back to pre-pandemic times as well. Think about things that may see a resurgence, as well as things that are newer options. Narrow down your list to the three or so that customers consider most urgent. Think air conditioner repairs and dinghy boat patch kits.

Step 2: Consider what makes your business the “go to” for this item or service. Are you available 24/7 to crank that AC up again? Do you offer the lowest price? Can you deliver? Think beyond your typical brand positioning, and focus on how that translates into saving summer!

Step 3: Call us to set up a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign for your top items. Even if you have an SEO plan running, search ads give you greater visibility during the period of time that you need it most to cash in on summer sales.

Search engine marketing is advertising in the search results space. Depending on the state of your site and the SEO you’ve been doing, you can get an intense boost in visits to your ad landing page and/or your website. We’ll create ads that capitalize on the urgency being felt by the customer and show how you can provide the solution.

While SEO is a really terrific long-term marketing tactic, it’s the paid ads that show up at the very top of the results page. Most people are going to be using their smart phone to find a problem fixer, and that means the first screen or two may only be ads. That’s where you want to be.

The summer sales season is short, so SEM is well worth the investment, and you’ll make far more money that you will selling the same stuff at deep discounts come September. You can learn more about our search engine marketing services on our website