Actionable Trends: Part 2 – Collecting Data

Posted on: October 25, 2022

In this series we’re talking about societal trends that are important for businesses to understand and take action on. One of those trends is the demand for more internet-user privacy, sparked by complaints and already actioned by several governments. Big names in the industry, like Google, are also getting onboard, slowly, by getting rid of third-party cookie. (Learn more about cookies.)

What this means is that digital advertising will no longer be able to target individuals who have shown an interest in a particular product, the way it happens now. What that means, is that you need to start collecting more data yourself – with permission.

We know that personalized advertising makes more sales than a generic, shotgun approach. Since you won’t be able to target persons on a large scale, you need to focus on your existing customers, visitors to your website, and personas (which we’ve talked about before).

For example, rather than trading a discount for an email address, ask a few more questions, like age range, price point desires (e.g., luxury, value), and something specific to your brand or offerings.



You can also use Facebook polls, or more detailed surveys in exchange for a gift or chance at a more valuable incentive.

Whenever you have a consumer on the phone or in a chat, ask questions and record the answers.

Don’t ask for too much information at one time, and do NOT interrupt your sales path with questions.

In this Forbes article, they suggest using personas to target segments of your market, and that’s a great strategy for expanding your customer base. Be sure to set up a strategic landing page for each persona.

Remembering that it’s always easier to sell to someone who has purchased from you before, the most important tactic is to keep records on each client, what they purchased, cross-referenced by details relevant to what you sell. E.g., If you have a client that has purchased blue garments several times, you can then send them an email when a new item arrives that comes in blue.

While the targeted advertising you know and love will continue for a while yet, the sooner you get your own data collection strategy in place, the better. Let us know if we can help.

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