Castle Fun Park

If you are looking for a fun place to take your family or even yourself to just do some away time from work or school, then you may want to check out the fun things to do in Abbotsford British Columbia. This quaint little town is nestled in the heart of Canada’s Fraser River Valley. It’s also one of the premier locations for one of Canada’s largest National Parks. It contains some the most historic sites too like the Clayburn Village. The beautiful Abbottsford Estate is located right on the Fraser River, which means that you can literally take a boat trip right up to the doorstep of the Park. Here, you will experience everything there is to do in Canada by the sea including:

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There are also lots of other fun things to do in Abbotsford including things like sailing, hiking, fishing, and boating. And since this is not a destination that anyone goes to on a regular basis, there are plenty of interesting things to see while you’re there like: the Castle Fun Park, the Sunshine Coast where you can go to enjoy both the sunshine and the scenery, and even the Kitsilano Resort & Spa which have over 500 indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, heated walking paths, as well as an indoor and outdoor movie theatre. The Kitsilano is also host to an annual summer event called the Sunshine Coast Honeymoon Tour.

Overall, Abbottsford is a great place for any type of family to visit. Whether you want to just have a nice relaxing time with your friends and/or family, you can find things to do like ARC that are fun for everyone in the whole family. Whatever you choose to do in Abbotsford, BC you will surely love it because Canada is one of the friendliest places in the world to live.