Yup, We’re Talking About Christmas

Posted on: September 22, 2020

I know, I know. Summer is barely over and I’m jumping past Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Remembrance Day. But here’s the thing: if you are in one of the many businesses that rely on Christmas shopping to boost annual revenue, it is definitely time to start planning.

Things are weird right now, so this Christmas is likely to be a little different. First, people are going to be looking for deals – great deals – and financing options or lay away plans could also be more popular than usual. And, since people are not as likely to be getting together, more gifts are going to be sent directly to the recipient. I also suspect that household items and products that are more necessity than fun, could also see higher sales than normal.

The question for you is, what can you offer to take advantage of these changes?

Generally speaking, the volume of sales on a great deal makes up for any reduction in per item profit. Think about what was popular last Christmas, but also consider any recent upticks in particular items. What kind of discount could you offer?

If you don’t usually provide delivery, see what you can arrange for the Christmas season. Could you also provide gift wrapping? Or maybe there are services that you could offer online or via video conference. Also think about what it would take to offer your service in a Covid-safe manner.

Consider the impact that the pandemic has had on people, particularly at-risk populations. Seniors in their own homes, for example, might really appreciate a new paint job in their living room. That’s the kind of gift idea you want to put in people’s heads if you’re a painter.

The other marketing tactic that many businesses don’t think about is teaming up with other companies. The painter, as an example, could team up with a deep cleaning service provider to offer a package deal to completely refresh an area of the home. Who could you partner with?

If you sell higher-priced products and want to offer a layaway plan, you should start advertising soon. Layaways are far less risky than longer term financing, as you can usually collect the full price before the item is turned over. But that means you need to be making those sales well before Christmas.

Christmas items are already in the big box stores, and online retailers will be starting their pitches any day now. So make some time to think about what products or services you could offer, then give us a call.

We’ll help you think about your target markets (the buyers and the end recipients, because people search for “gifts for grandparents,” etc.), recommend where to advertise, and we’ll create a great campaign that shines through the weirdness to boost your sales.