5 Signs Your Website Needs Attention

Posted on: October 7, 2020

Updating your website on a regular basis is essential if you want it to continue to do its job. Just like your employees need ongoing training to keep up with new tech and trends, your website needs to keep up with what is going on around it too. Here are five signs that are telling you it’s time for a refresh.

  1. Lack of sales: Your website is the core of all of your marketing efforts. If your sales have plateaued or dropped off, chances are you can get back on a growth track with some web work. Google knows when you update your site, and when you don’t. If it’s been the same for quite a while, Google suspects it is no longer relevant. To stay relevant to search engines, and to your customers, regular updating is really crucial.
  2. Bounce rate: If your analytics are showing that visitors are leaving your site within seconds of arriving there, there is definitely a problem. Some common issues are poor search engine descriptions, slow page loading, or an immediate feeling of mistrust. All of these issues are fixable and trackable; and, these have to be fixed to keep visitors on your site longer, in order to find out what other aspects of the site design can be improved.
  3. SEO Ranking: Is your site still showing up on the first page of search results? If not, competitors have made moves to bump you off. A little research will be needed to find out who and how; and, you’ll need to ensure that your target market is clearly defined. Our SEO team will work with you to get back on page one.
  4. Reviews: Your customers seem happy enough, and you even get the occasional email of thanks, BUT, potential customers are only seeing a few bad reviews from three years ago. Current, positive reviews provide a big boost in sending customers your way. You need to set up a “review funnel” to make it easier for customers to give you a positive review, and that will increase the likelihood that they will.
  5. Google Maps: Does your business show up as pin on the Google Map in search results? If not, you are losing a lot of business to the companies who do. You’ll note that Google Reviews show up here too, and the combination of a “map listing” and positive reviews will give a definite boost to your customer inquiries and visits to your website.

Any of these signs is a good reason to give us a call. The return on investment for these types of improvements are often evident within weeks.