Victoria West

Posted on: April 12, 2023

What once used to be an industrial zone across the Johnson Street Bridge is now one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. It’s particularly attractive for young professionals looking to stay close to downtown. There have been many recent new condo developments in the area and there are lots of cool eateries, parks, walkways, and bike trails dotted around.

Victoria West or Vic West is quite an affordable area of the city and has numerous single-family homes. The great thing about this neighborhood is that it promises a suburban family appeal close to downtown and has restaurants, cafés, boutique shops, community gardens, bike paths, parks, walkways, and even the Galloping Goose Trail, which is a favorite of both cyclists and walkers. The families here love the waterfront walkway, the surrounding park, and the Vic West Community Center.

Both the Point Hope Maritime and the Vic West Shipyard host markets, and numerous art events and festivities, and are the best places to go on a Sunday. The Craigflower Village is also worth checking out. As the name suggests, the place has a village vibe and is home to many bakeries, unique stores, cafés, and bike shops.

Victoria West is located up the Gorge and shares its borders with Esquimalt in the north. This means that residents of Vic West are close to numerous amenities, entertainment centers, parks, recreational centers, and beaches.

Real-estate options in the neighborhood are also plenty and include single-family homes, townhouses, row housing, condos, and waterfront properties, most of them dating back to the 1960s. Victoria of British Columbia

Overall, the neighborhood’s proximity to downtown, bike paths, parks, and the availability of affordable single-family houses make it a favorite of young families. The neighborhood also has a more organic feel to it, and for all the right reasons. Heritage homes with chicken coops in their backyard and kitchen gardens, urbanites who love cycling to work, and kids in strollers all point towards a strong sense of community.
What further adds to this neighborly appeal is the emergence of community gardens, new eateries, and cool shops.

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