What You Need to Know about SEO – Part 7: Even More About Quality

Posted on: August 25, 2017

Another way to think about quality content is creating a site to meet your customers’ needs. While you can’t anticipate what an individual customer might be looking for, you can make it easier to find any specific thing on your site, with these considerations.

Simple Navigation: Creating an appropriate navigation system is like sorting laundry. You look at all the items you want to include, and then sort them in to logical categories. Use plain words to describe each category, avoiding those confounding icons or cutesy sayings that have led you into the wrong restaurant bathroom more than once.

Descriptive Page Names, Titles and Headings: If you have a page for Blue Sweaters, call the page Blue Sweaters, use the title Blue Sweaters, and create content headings using Blue Sweaters; e.g. Blue Sweaters – Cotton. This ensures that the humans and the bots find the Blue Sweaters.

Accurate Product/Service Descriptions: Returns and unsatisfied customers are the bane of every business and can massively harm your reputation. Provide all necessary descriptors accurately. Remember that sizes are useless without a sizing chart, and these can differ by brand.

Consistent Information: This seems like a no-brainer, but far too many websites confuse customers by saying one thing on one page, and something seemingly different on the next. This can happen inadvertently when you are updating content, so always be sure to review the entire site again, even if you only change one page.

Appropriate Jargon: Use terminology suited to your target audience. If they understand the industry jargon, use it. If they don’t, but it’s important, explain it. If they don’t know or care, use plain language.

You can create quality content for your own website, but it can be hard to swivel your brain to the outsider’s perspective. Hiring a professional is well worth it, and we happen to have one our team! Give us a call for more information.

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