Internet Marketing Risks and Riches for Businesses

Posted on: July 3, 2014

Many people say the effects of the Internet in the 21st century are comparable to those of the technological revolution at the end of the 19th century. Indeed, the Internet has been such a huge influence in transforming the habits of human beings, and the way we communicate to others.

I have found that the same is true for businesses. Internet has become the single most efficient communications tool for my business, so I have chosen Internet marketing as the main avenue for reaching my target customers. Over the years, however, I became cognizant of the risks that I put my business in by running Internet marketing campaigns.

In this piece, I wish to share with you, risks of conducting Internet marketing for small businesses as well as the riches that can be found by using this method. I hope that this will help you weigh the pros and cons for your own business.

Risks of Internet marketing

1. It opens your business up for public ridicule. One small misstep can get your business the wrong kind of attention. And even if you don’t make any mistake, there is always a greater risk that your marketing campaign will rub some trolls or way-too-sensitive folks the wrong way. When that happens, the Internet can be vicious and you need to be ready for damage control.

2. Internet marketing campaigns can be easily diluted. There are so many options for online marketing campaigns that it’s not too difficult to go overboard and use all methods at the same time. While this may work for huge, international brands, there’s a danger of losing focus and getting your team exhausted from this kind of Internet marketing, with no huge benefits to show for it.

3. There’s a danger that your target audience will ignore you. There’s so much information bombarding people through the Internet. If you don’t plan your Internet marketing campaign well, there’s a chance that your intended audience won’t notice your efforts and materials at all.

Riches to be found in Internet marketing

1. It has tools to build relationships with your customer. With the Internet becoming more and more social, it’s easy to reach out and become connected to individual customers. It’s also easier to glean more specialized information about them so you can give them better services and better products—surely, that’ll make them love you!

2. Internet marketing tools help identify and reach target audience. There is a lot less rules in the Internet so you can tailor-fit your Internet marketing activities to each of your individual customer’s needs. There’s also a wide variety of ways that you can reach them, such as emails, paid ads, blogs, and social networking sites.

3. It is cheaper and more flexible. Online marketing usually minimizes, if not completely eliminates, the need for too many middlemen and logistical and physical considerations in traditional marketing. That gives you more room to get creative with your campaign and a lot more leeway for your budget.

In deciding whether it is best to utilize the Internet for your business’ marketing needs, I believe that it is always better to understand the good and the bad. This way, you will know whether you can afford to take the bad with the good.

As for myself, I have found that Internet marketing is a wonderful world. It has been kind to me and my business. It has been a constant friend since I decided to make it my business partner.