Happy Holidays PLEASE!

Posted on: December 21, 2021

Well, 2021 sure had its surprises and it may be hard to summon a celebratory mood when so many are facing hardships. While we do need to acknowledge adversity, mental health professionals encourage us to try to find something good, something we can be grateful for, or something we can do to help others, to lift our spirits and give us the energy to move forward.

Across BC, and no doubt elsewhere, people are coming together to help those in need. Like the snow plow driver who offered to clear a 90-year-old’s drive way – for the rest of the winter. Like the customer who offered to give the clerk the cell phone case she had admired. Like the dozens of pilots delivering much needed food and supplies to people cut off by the floods and road closures in BC. And let’s not forget the health care workers, truck drivers, first responders, and everyday heroes who continue to support all of us.

It may take a conscious effort to be thankful for things that we often take for granted, but doing so helps to lift us up, and gives us the energy to lift someone else. As a work family, we are thankful for you. For trusting us to be the best at fostering your business success. As a team, we are thankful for each other; for the advice and support that help us be the best we can be. As a band of friends, we are thankful that the mudslide came down behind Mike’s house and not on top of it.

We are hopeful for the future. We see new technologies and applications every day that will improve lives – cures for cancer, clean energy production, improved treatment for diabetes, and much more.

Our Christmas wish is that all of you have hope too; that you enjoy the companionship of those around you; that you know how important you are to others; and, that your heart fills with happiness this holiday season.