Does Your Site Need a New Year Makeover?

Posted on: December 7, 2021

We’ve talked recently about the importance of updating your website and there’s no better time than the start of a new year. While your business may not have changed, the world around you has, so it’s a good idea to review your site in that context. Here are some trending options to give your site a fresh new look for 2022.


Get a New Hero

Your home page, above the scroll line is called the “hero” section. Most often we see large images with a few lines of text. There are a few trends emerging that will give your site that stand-out attention it needs to draw a visitor in.

Bold colour background: Using a single solid colour background instantly makes your site look different from the rest.

Black and white illustration: While it is exactly the opposite of the bold colour background, it’s again much different from the usual hero photo, so garners more attention.

No image: You can get your key message across immediately by simply stating it on a solid background.

Video: You know those 15 second TV ads? Well, you play that sort of video your hero spot to conjure emotional connection and need-solution.


Update Imagery

A picture’s worth a thousand words, the saying goes. So great visuals can boost your messaging in a big way.

Problem solved images: People buy products and services to solve a problem, so images showing that problem solved, hold sway with consumers. Actual photos of happy customers, especially with a testimonial, tell others they will be happy too.

Charts, graphs, and illustrations: Most consumers do online research before they buy. Visuals that compare your product or service to your competitor’s or list the most sought after features and benefits, are a quick way to show your knowledge and why your brand is best.

Staff at work: Particularly for service providers who enter customer’s homes, photos of you and your team can help build trust.


Integrate Social Feeds

This is a really good strategy for those who often post to social media. By showing your most recent post or two on your website, your site appears constantly updated, and you can gain followers.


Change the Header Fonts

Changing the font, colour, and size of your headers (section titles) is a quick way to give your site a new look.


Want a new look to start the new year? Just give us a call.