For Parents of Kids with Phones

Posted on: September 11, 2018

With the kids being back in school, it’s a good time to review your rules and strategies for keeping their smartphone use positive and productive. Unfortunately, that is not the aim for evil trolls who find their way into the lives and minds of many a young person. So, let’s deal with that first.

These first three links are articles about phone apps that are dangerous, if not highly suspect, and could very well be on your kid’s phone right now. Please read.

These next three articles talk about apps that help students keep track of homework and project assignments. Avoid those last minute all-nighters this year.

These last two articles discuss tracking apps. One to track physical location, and one to keep an eye on online activity and behaviour. Sometimes, keeping kids safe means spying on them.

Remember to do a review of the basics as well, like location sharing, data usage, and in-app purchases.

Like most other tools, smartphones are great when used with care.