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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Look good on any platform and stay ahead of the pack.

Today's customers will be viewing your website on a variety of devices, from desktops to smartphones. You need to look good at any size.





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Being visually attractive will have a profound effect on how the public perceives you.

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Hi Mike

I love what you've done, looks great, and it's always my pleasure working with such a professional team like yours. Thanks Mike, and have a great time today, and until the next project. 

Best regards,

Yousri - The Shefield Group


Terri-Lynn - Optimeyes

Testimonial: "Did I tell you I love the colour? I love the cleanliness of it. Did I tell you the more I see it the more I like it!"

Terri-Lynn - Optimeyes


Farmtek Video Production

Farm Tech Turf Services Promotional Video 


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International Internet Advertising Services Inc. is a Canadian based Internet Marketing agency specializing in Web Design and SEO service. We are a solution provider offering a suite of professional services dedicated to leveraging the Internet as a marketing and productivity tool for businesses.

When you hire us, you’re hiring a cohesive team of experts with skills to leverage the power of the Internet into an exceptional marketing and business productivity tool. We are solution oriented, innovative, and the quality of our work is second to none.

So whether you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial adventure or are determined to take back your position as number one in the world, we can help.

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Summit AwardWe’ve just been notified that we’ve won Gold at the 2015 Summit Creative Awards for the category of Educational Institution Website! 



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Western Ranchlands Web Design and Marketing Project

Western Ranchlands

A conservation-minded agricultural investment and land management firm based in southwest Alberta, Canada. They use a combination of science-based strategies, proven management systems and professional expertise to efficiently manage land on a large scale.

Chilliwack Pro Life

Chilliwack Pro Life

Chilliwack Pro Life believes in the sanctity of human life. Human beings have human rights, and the most foundational of all is the right to life. This right to life protects us from others unjustly taking our lives, and compels us to respect the lives of others.

Farm Real Estate

Farm Real Estate

Farm Real Estate represents property owners throughout Canada, and buyers from within the provinces, across Canada and around the world who are seeking a range of investment opportunities in rural properties.

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