Websites to Help You Through the Holidays

Posted on: December 18, 2018

It’s exciting, isn’t it? Christmas is coming up fast, and a new year awaits us. We thought you might appreciate this round-up of websites to help you get ready and enjoy both.

So you can finish your shopping
Where you buy is up to you, but these two retailers will give you ideas.
Walmart gift ideas

Help finishing up at work
No one wants to be even one minute late getting their holiday started! Go to www.noisli.com and put on your headphones to drown out the office noise, so you can focus. Need one last image? Try unsplash.com.And if that info you’ve been waiting for is in some weird file format, check out cloudconvert.com.

This site will tell you which glue to use when the assembly instructions don’t work: thistothat.com

Get to a live customer service person when the glue doesn’t work either: gethuman.com

Instead of watching reruns on TV while you’re chill’n
geoguessr.com lands you in a random location on Google maps, and you have to try to figure out where you are.

ihavenotv.com has some great science related documentaries.

openlibrary.org is a digital book lending site with a wide range of genres.

When you’re tired of turkey (and/or broke)
myfridgefood.com will give you meal ideas based on items you already have in your house.

budgetbytes.com has tons of great recipes that don’t cost a fortune to make.

Setting goals for the new year
Setting personal goals while you have time to ponder is a great way to start the new year on your own terms. Here are two links to get you started.

Merry Christmas!