Twilight Drive-in Movie Theatre

Posted on: March 17, 2023

Twilight Drive-in Movie Theatre

Do you have friends who are night owls? Are you interested in having a memorable date night? Do you have kids who love to stay up past their regular bedtimes? If so, one of the coolest ways to spend a warm summer night is to head down to the Twilight Drive-In in Langley, BC!

The Twilight Drive-In is the only drive-in movie theatre in the Metro Vancouver region. If you have never been to a drive-in movie theatre, you really should go at least once. If you have, you probably feel nostalgic over this throwback pastime. After all, it’s still popular with young people and those of us who are still young at heart. 

I remember my very first drive-in movie experience. Tucked into the back seat of our family’s car with my pillow and blanket, I was mesmerized. I won’t date myself by telling you which movies we watched, but I remember the experience vividly!

I looooovvvved being able to ask lots of questions without being shushed as I would have been in a regular movie theatre. Best of all for 6-year-old me was that I managed to stay awake all the way to the end of the last movie! This was a badge of honour for me at the time. My weary parents listened to me rehash my favourite scenes all the way home. 

The Twilight Drive-In is rich in tradition. Cars line up early to get the best spots in the field below the big movie screen. There is a terrific concession stand with something for everyone. Like at a regular movie theatre, you can get freshly popped, buttery popcorn and fountain drinks. You can also find lots of other choices usually found in a movie theatre. There are cold treats available, like ice-cream bars and sno-cones. There is a fabulous selection of candy and chocolate treats. You can enjoy hot foods like nachos, French fries, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers. You can even order our Canadian favourite – poutine!

To maximize your comfort and movie-watching enjoyment, bring along some blankets, pillows, and lawn chairs. The movie will play on your car’s FM radio, and everyone else’s. You can sit in your car, or you can sit in front of it and still enjoy the show in the fresh, open air. 

The website for Twilight Drive-In is: https://twilightdrivein.net/ Be sure to check out the pricing, rules, FAQs and the photos! 

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