The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary

Posted on: March 17, 2023

The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary

For my son’s birthday last summer, we booked a private family tour of the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, in Langley, BC. Although we had to book our tour about two months in advance for a summertime experience, it was an easy process. Tours are always private and by donation to help maintain the sanctuary and care for the animals. 

At the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, all the animals have been rescued. These formerly abused and neglected farm animals are thriving in their new “forever home” at the sanctuary. 

Our family does not spend a lot of time around farm animals, so the kids were very curious but shy at first. We were all surprised to discover that the animals all had their own distinct personalities. Many of the animals were equally curious to meet our kids. 

Going for a tour of a farm sanctuary is the kind of outing that requires a bit of preparation. We brought along hand sanitizer and wipes, and everyone wore their boots. 

Our tour guide was Diane, one of the owners. She was personable and friendly. Diane patiently answered all our questions – even the ones that were asked twice. The kids felt comfortable within minutes and loved Diane’s stories. The turkeys, cows, and donkey were my kids’ favourite animals. I thought the pigs were charming and sweet. 

Diane is also an artist. Her paintings adorn the animal huts as loving tributes to the animals they care for. There is also a gift shop at the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary. It has a good selection of high-quality items for sale. 

The kids talked about the experience for days – my son has already asked if we can go back there next year for his birthday. 

As a family, this is one of the most unique and special experiences we have had together. Everyone had a great time and we all fell in love with the animals. It was so nice to see the animals living a good life at the Happy Herd Animal Sanctuary in Canada Langley.

To visit, you must book a private tour in advance. Here is the link to the website for more information: https://www.happyherd.org/

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