SEO Vancouver

A Search Engine Optimization Company That Gets You Results

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SEO Vancouver

A Search Engine Optimization Company That Get’s You Results

are you interested?

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Question: What Is The Single Most Important Thing a Business Needs?

Ever found yourself stumped. thinking that there’s got to be a better way to grow your business?

… It’s the one thing that everyone needs.
… It’s the one thing that can transform an average business into a wealth generating machine

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s attention.

If you can tap into and leverage the power of SEO then you unlock the main benefit which is being able to interact with high-quality people that are searching for your solution.

You’re not reaching out and pursuing them. They’re chasing you.

That’s what a Vancouver SEO company can do for you!

Well, let me introduce us a little bit.

We are called International Internet Advertising Services. Some people just call us internet advertising and others call us iias.

My name is Nick, I run the Vancouver SEO division of IIAS but I wouldn’t be here without the support of my team. We are a distinguished Internet Advertising/Marketing Agency serving businesses in Vancouver.

We are especially well versed in SEO; the Google search engine will prove it.

You probably knew it when you clicked this listing on Google. (Thanks for clicking us instead of some other Vancouver SEO agency)

Why is this page deliberately simple?

To stand out from the other SEO companies…

… but we also wanted to illustrate a point that you don’t need a fancy website for search engine optimization to work; being fancy could actually negatively impact your SEO. We only focus on the core basics of SEO (as opposed to trying to find a loophole in Google which inevitably gets closed)

We will NEVER use tactics on your site that we haven’t tested, experimented and tweaked with extensively.

That’s just who we are.

If you do want to see the kind of beautiful websites we’re capable of creating just click if you want a website design in vancouver (We have very skilled web designers as well)  

We can help you dominate your competition with SEO. Fill out our discovery form or call 604-757-0995 to get started. (Leave a message if I don’t answer.)

We stand apart from other SEO agencies in Vancouver because everything is in-house.

We do the work ourselves.
We don’t outsource.
We keep the costs low.
Because then there’s more value we can give back to you.

What we’re offering you is the same (or even better!) opportunity to compete with the big SEO companies at a fraction of their costs.

look, it’s not just about being #1 on Google through SEO.

There’s a lot of things you need for a successful business and marketing is just one aspect of running a business or company. In advertising, we can get you the best results.

we’re sure that you didn’t randomly land on this page…

… you’re here because we ranked for “SEO Vancouver” or something similar and you clicked through. This keyword is one of the most competitive keywords In Vancouver on Google.

We ranked for SEO Vancouver to show you that we can do this for you too. It’s not really to brag…

…It’s to show proof.

Being an SEO Expert is like a car mechanic.

Would you hire one that can’t fix his own car?

When you have someone skilled, there is a lot of knowledge that this expert has that you don’t so it’s important you hire someone you feel confident in and has a proven track record.

Anyone can say SEO or that they “know” it but how do you know who actually know’s what they’re talking about?

How do you take advantage of this online marketing method?

We promise, when you hire us – The Best Vancouver SEO Company – you will obtain your main goal of getting more customers. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

Imagine if you start showing up everywhere on Google.

It’s almost impossible not to make money. We’ll set your site up from the backend and optimize it correctly in order to meet the specific requirements.

This is known as “on-page SEO”. It’s important just like the steering wheel of a car…. Not too exciting but If you lack it, it makes even a Lamborghini a pretty useless car.

We have proprietary strategies and tactics.

It’s what we use for ourselves and for every client.

We will skyrocket your sales and 10x your business. You can rest assured because you’re working with the #1 online marketing company side by side.

Business is thriving here in Vancouver and we have a chance to capture a big chunk through the internet.

(Trust your Vancouver SEO Consultant)

You are also able to get all other forms of internet advertising because we are a full-fledged digital marketing company.

Our 4 core services are really:

#1 Website Optimization and Design
#2 Search Engine Optimization
#3 Search Engine Marketing
#4 Social Media Optimization and Marketing

These services are all you need to take your business to the next level and beyond!

If you are interested please fill out our discovery form,
or give me a call at 604-757-0995
(Leave a message if I don’t answer)

In Vancouver, a lot of companies and businesses have already implemented SEO into their online marketing. This service is essential to help you grow your business and prosper.

Search Engine Optimization is important because people use Google to search for keywords on the Internet such as chiropractor Vancouver, or car repair or even just coffee shop. People have thousands of results that show up for these specific keywords and these results are arranged in order of importance in their eyes.

Consumers are driven by Google which is the biggest search engine.

Basically, good SEO Drives markets, clients, and customers to businesses. What it does is help websites show up first on the Internet for certain keywords or reference words. We want to help you DOMINATE the search engines and get TONS of customers who’re looking for your exact services/product…

…Let’s start attracting your dream clients and getting your phones ringing off the hook!

Your Vancouver SEO Expert,

nick man for vancouver SEO

iias vancouver
Office 1023 | 100-535 Thurlow Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3L2

or email me at [email protected]

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Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison
00:19 26 Jan 19
These guys are geniuses when it comes to SEO. I know that they are going to get my clients into that coveted top spot every time. Their excellence amazes me.
Lisa Janzen
Lisa Janzen
16:22 24 Oct 18
Mike was super accommodating to us! We are interior designers and tend to want to tweek things always! Mike did everything we asked of him and always in a very timely manner. We LOVE our new website!
Sarah Patrick
Sarah Patrick
17:58 24 Sep 18
I contacted IIAS to support in managing my website - they were quick to respond and easy to work with. They’re on top of any adjustments I’ve asked for and went above by sending me a video to support waking me through a question I had. Highly recommended.
Remove Dust
Remove Dust
15:45 13 Aug 18
Internet Advertising Services Inc. did great job in updating our website. We were happy with our communication throughout the whole process, having a direct link to reference how far along our website was coming was found helpful. We hope to connect with them for more internet advertising soon.
Doris Woodman-McMillan
Doris Woodman-McMillan
16:57 08 Aug 18
I have found Nick Man and the rest of the team to be professional, respectful of my time and money, and truly interested in making my company better. I would recommend working with Nick for assistance with either SEO or SEM depending on your need. We have used both sides, and were happy with their response to our changing needs.
Ali Chernoff
Ali Chernoff
00:37 30 Jun 18
Nick and his team brought a fresh look to my out dated website. They combined my input and their professional experience. They did it in a timely manner at a reasonable price. If I upgrade my other website I will use them again.Thank you Ali J. Chernoff, RDRegistered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong
15:41 19 Jun 18
We have worked with Mike and James (IIAS) for several years. They have always been there for Resolution Reprographics and Fraser Valley Reprographics. From website hosting , website functionality, to server hosting, we have had nothing but success with them. We would highly recommend IIAS for any of your Internet needs. Regards,Douglas SuddabyPresident
Dennis Giesbrecht
Dennis Giesbrecht
23:20 14 Jun 18
Thank you Nick for all your efforts in helping us with the promotions for our 65th Business anniversary in April. Appreciated the hard work and time. The promotions were a success and will reach out next time we do another major promotion. Thank you IIAS for the ongoing hosting of our website. Cheers Dennis
A Hart
A Hart
17:42 24 Apr 18
We found them though Google, and now they are helping people find our business as well!! Mike, Nick and the rest of the staff are super welcoming, and willing to listen to our needs and execute them perfectly. No bad ideas here, just progress and solutions! Thanks so much, and we look forward to growing our business with you! - All Spa Repairs
Kelly Shannon
Kelly Shannon
00:23 19 Apr 18
This was a great company to deal with! They were patient with us as we learned about what makes a good website, what was realistic to ask and what was not. We are super pleased with the end result and would definitely use them again. Thanks Nick!Kelly ShannonInukshuk Excavating Mission B.C.
Marilyn Koop
Marilyn Koop
22:18 19 Feb 18
Thanks to Mike and the team for the big improvements they made to our website. And a special thanks to Mike for his continued patient support - it seems he is always available to help when we need him, and responds promptly to any request we have. We are so thankful that Hub Motors referred us to Mike and IIAS!
Andrew Dicknoether
Andrew Dicknoether
21:06 16 Jun 15
My company used IIAS and they were great, my website is professional, easy to use and suits me.I met with Mike before just for a consultation and he was able to explain everything in detail and in what order things should go. My website was made earlier than the time frame that was given and was definitely up to my standards.I would recommend IIAS to anybody if you are looking to have a website done.
Terri-Lynn Weatherby
Terri-Lynn Weatherby
18:50 13 May 15
IIAS has not only helped me reach the people they have helped me understand the pull and power of the world wide web. They are people who know their business. Thank you International Internet Advertising.
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