SEO Case Study - Yaletown Integrative Clinic

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The Client Yaletown Integrative Clinic

The Presenting Problem

Yaletown Integrative Clinic, a naturopathic clinic, primarily relied on patient referrals for business growth. Recognizing the potential of consistent client base expansion through digital marketing, they sought to enhance their online presence but lacked a clear starting point.

The Strategy

  1. Increase Visibility: The core strategy aimed to enhance the clinic’s visibility in the digital landscape. This involved optimizing their online presence to ensure they could attract potential clients actively searching for naturopathic services.

  2. Focus on Target Market Location: To maximize the impact of their digital marketing efforts, the strategy honed in on the specific geographical location of their target market. By focusing on the local area, Yaletown Integrative Clinic could effectively connect with potential clients in their vicinity.

  3. Increase Website Visitors: The overarching goal was to drive more traffic to the clinic’s website. This was achieved by improving search engine rankings and implementing strategies to attract organic visitors actively seeking naturopathic services.

The Outcome

The SEO efforts resulted in significant outcomes for Yaletown Integrative Clinic:

  • Increase in Website Traffic: There was a notable 66% increase in organic traffic, with 314 additional visitors to the website. This indicated improved online visibility and an increased flow of potential clients to the clinic’s website.

  • Increase in Impressions: The number of viewed results listings experienced a remarkable 112% increase, totaling 10,010 impressions. This demonstrated that the clinic’s online presence was more visible to potential clients actively searching for naturopathic services.

  • Increase in Discovery Results: There was a substantial 120% increase in category search results, totaling 13,124. This suggested that the clinic’s services were being discovered by a significantly larger audience through category-based searches.

  • Increase in Map Results/Ranking: The SEO strategy also contributed to an increase in map results and ranking, further improving the clinic’s visibility to local clients.

These outcomes underscore the success of the SEO strategy in significantly increasing website traffic, impressions, discovery, and map results for Yaletown Integrative Clinic. The clinic’s improved online presence has played a crucial role in their considerable business growth.

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