SEO Case Study - Wholesale Hydroponics

Increase in Site Visitors
0 %
Ranking Increases on Google
123 %
The Client Wholesale Hydroponics

The Presenting Problem

Establish an effective online shopping platform for Wholesale Hydroponics. Recognizing the pivotal role of web design in any online marketing endeavor, our initial focus was on creating a robust foundation. Subsequently, our attention turned to implementing a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy aimed at driving targeted traffic from Google.

The Strategy

  1. Craft a compelling brand identity to enhance market appeal.

  2. Develop a scalable website architecture to accommodate future expansion.

  3. Curate product showcases complemented by educational resources.

  4. Execute a dynamic search engine marketing campaign to attract and engage visitors.

  5. Leverage initial campaign data analysis to refine and enhance subsequent marketing phases.

The Outcome

The implemented strategies yielded positive outcomes for Prima Power Systems, including:


  • June 2018: 216 monthly website visitors
  • May 2019: 1647 monthly website visitors (662.5% increase)
  • April 2021: 2565 monthly website visitors (1087.5% increase)
  • Achieved top rankings for multiple critical keywords.

By achieving these outcomes, Wholesale Hydroponics is now well-positioned to not only expand their market share but also to attain their ambitious sales targets. The combination of a revamped website, effective digital marketing strategies, and ongoing support has contributed to their considerable business growth.