SEO Case Study - Simon Rochfort Photography

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The Client Simon Rochfort Photography

The Presenting Problem

Simon Rochfort Photography aimed to achieve top 3 rankings for keywords related to headshot photography. Seeking expert guidance, Simon partnered with our team at iias to improve his website’s SEO. In the first year of our collaboration, we successfully doubled the website’s traffic and achieved top 3 rankings for his targeted keywords.

The Strategy

  1. Increase Website Traffic: The primary strategy focused on increasing the volume of traffic to Simon Rochfort Photography’s website. This involved optimizing various aspects of the site, including content, meta tags, and user experience, to attract a larger audience interested in headshot photography.

  2. Generate More Leads: To support Simon’s business growth, we aimed to boost lead generation efforts through SEO. By enhancing the visibility of his website in search results, we aimed to attract potential clients actively seeking headshot services.

  3. Attain Top 3 Rankings: The core objective was to secure top 3 positions in search engine results pages (SERPs) for the target keywords relevant to headshot photography. Achieving these top rankings would significantly enhance the website’s visibility and credibility.

The Outcome

The SEO efforts yielded remarkable results for Simon Rochfort Photography:

Google My Business (GMB) Search Increase: An astonishing 1,170.96% increase in GMB search results demonstrates a substantial improvement in online visibility and local search performance.

These outcomes highlight the success of our SEO strategy in achieving top rankings and substantially boosting website traffic, ultimately contributing to the considerable growth of Simon Rochfort Photography’s business.

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