SEO Case Study - Quick Cool Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

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The Client Quick Cool Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

The Presenting Problem

Quick Cool, established in 2017, required a consistent and substantial flow of leads to ensure the success of their business.

The Strategy

  1. Increase Overall Visibility in Search for Brand Recognition: The primary strategy was to enhance Quick Cool’s overall visibility in search engine results to create brand recognition. By increasing their online presence, the aim was to make the brand more recognizable and trustworthy to potential customers.

  2. Increase Google Ranking to Top Three for Enhanced Website Visitors: To attract more visitors to the website, the strategy focused on improving Google rankings. The objective was to secure a place in the top three search results, which are more likely to receive higher click-through rates and user engagement.

  3. Increase Presence and Ranking in Google Maps for Direct Contact: The strategy also emphasized enhancing Quick Cool’s presence and ranking in Google Maps. This approach aimed to increase direct contact with potential customers searching for their services, particularly in a local context.

The Outcome

The SEO efforts resulted in significant outcomes for Quick Cool:

  • Increase in Website Traffic: There was an impressive 408% increase in organic website visitors, with a total of 3,147 additional visitors. This indicated a substantial improvement in online visibility and the attraction of potential customers to the website.

  • Increase in Incoming Contacts: Phone calls from Google Maps witnessed an astonishing 6,400% increase, totaling 186 calls. This significant surge in direct contacts further highlighted the effectiveness of the SEO strategy in connecting Quick Cool with potential customers.

  • Increase in Map Listings/Ranking: The improved presence and ranking in Google Maps contributed to Quick Cool’s visibility in local search results, enhancing their chances of being discovered by nearby customers.

These outcomes underscore the success of the SEO strategy in significantly increasing website traffic, direct contacts, and map listings/rankings for Quick Cool. The considerable business growth achieved through these efforts reinforces the value of investing in SEO.

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