Posted on: April 12, 2023

Rockland is a historic neighborhood present southeast of downtown, right above Fairfield, and is characterized by arts & crafts style mansions surrounded by beautiful stone walls. Despite being a stately neighborhood, it’s quite evolved and features Tudor homes and expansive gardens that line the streets leading downtown.

Being one of the tonier neighborhoods of Victoria, Rockland is home to lush garden-scapes, heritage architecture, and grand homes. Two of the most famous (and also the largest) residences in the neighborhood are the Craigdarroch Castle, which transports you back into the Victorian era, the Government House, home of the Lieutenant Governor of BC, and the Fairholme Manor. Anyone can visit and relax in the Government House gardens.

Many of the homes here are designed by some of the most famous architects, like Francis Rattenbury (the architect responsible for the Provincial Legislature) and Samuel Maclure. They’re also quite awe-inspiring with intricate architecture.
Most of the housing is single-family, but you’ll also find some streets with large and historic home conversions, townhomes, and multifamily low-rise apartments. These homes are complimented by mature landscapes and large trees, making this neighborhood ideal for families looking for some extra privacy, curb appeal, and space. The architecture and history of most buildings also make the area a favorite of history buffs.Victoria BC of Canada

Cultural landmarks like the Langham Court Theatre and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria are also located in Rockland, while other things like the waterfront, the boutique shops of Oak Bay Avenue and Cook Street Village, and downtown are also within walking distance. Numerous grocers, restaurants, salons, cafés, and shops are also present nearby. Gonzales Bay is also close by, which gives the neighborhood a nice, sandy beach.

Beauty is central in this prestigious neighborhood, and the community has done its best to retain its history of grandeur. Lots of green spaces, stonework, lush gardens, and Garry oaks are dotted throughout the area. The sense of community is also very strong here, with the Rockland Neighborhood Association and Friends of the Government House Garden Society working to maintain the integrity and beauty of the neighborhood.

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