Penzer Action Park

Posted on: March 17, 2023

Penzer Action Park

If you are like me – a parent with rambunctious children of differing ages – then you know it can be challenging to help them expend their energy in a safe, productive way. Last year, I discovered Penzer Action Park in Langley, BC. Since then, this park has become one of our favourite family spots. 

Whether your kid is into parkour, BMX bikes, skateboarding, badminton, soccer, or basketball, the Penzer Action Park has something for every kid and kid-at-heart.

One of my sons loves to skateboard. He has such a great time skating the pump track and attempting to make the occasional daredevil stunt. He’s made a bunch of like-minded friends at the park, and always has a blast whenever he’s there. 

My other son is into parkour. He’s almost 10 years old and finds lots of great challenges on the parkour equipment. Even when it’s busy, my son can choose to be by himself working on whatever technique he’s practicing that day without necessarily having to interact with other kids if he’s focused on doing his own thing. 

As with my other son, this guy has also made a few friends at the park, even though he tends to be a loner. I think this is because generally, the park users are welcoming and friendly. The park provides an interactive and inviting environment. 

My daughter is still a toddler, so time will tell what sports she finds most interesting. Right now, she loves to play on the rocks and swing from the low parkour bars at Penzer Action Park. She also loves to play in the grass, chasing bugs and butterflies around.

There is a public washroom on site and the park is large and open. It feels safe. and there are always lots of families around. This is the kind of park you could spend several hours at. Bring lots of drinks and a packed lunch to make the most out of exhausting your children! 

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