Lower Ten Oaks in Abbotsford

Posted on: March 24, 2023

A conveniently located locality, Lower Ten Oaks is an enchantingly amazing area that offers the best investment opportunity for business people looking to expand their enterprises in Abbotsford. Some well-known businesses are based in Lower Ten Oaks, including the renowned Clarus Construction LTD, which provides construction services.


The company also has contributed immensely to the economic growth of Lower Ten Oaks while still offering job careers to young professionals from the area. A truly perfect area for investment. Many restaurants and cafes like Lou’s Grill, Café Amarti, and Zilla’s Donuts, among other joints and stores that are prominent in the neighborhood, give locals easy access to various facilities and services.


The neighborhood of Lower Ten Oaks is renowned for its proximity to several parks like Juniper Park, Berks, Stoney Creek, McKee, and Saddle Parks. The parks have walking trails and picnic sites. Saddle and Berks Park, especially, are perfect for visits and summer tours. Lower Ten Oaks is a multicultural community comprising different groups of families, middle-class families, relatively young professionals, and retirees.


Home to many learning institutions like Dr. Thomas A Swift Elementary School, one of the best schools in Lower Ten Oaks. The school has staff who are down to earth, friendly staff and teachers, and amazing education for children. The staff supports the children well in their learning, and the parents come together and create amazing events and support for the community in general.


Another School, Robert Bateman Secondary School, and Clayburn Middle Schools are some other schools in the neighborhood that are centers for excellence and worth trying if you’re relocating to Lower Ten Oaks. Many young families prefer lower Ten Oaks to settle in because it offers a perfect environment to raise their young children and offer them quality education.


Lower Ten Oaks is primarily a residential region, and the homes there range in age from older to modern. The neighborhood’s residences sometimes have huge, well-kept yards, and the streets are lined with trees, which offers a lot of summertime shade. With a strong feeling of community and a wide range of resources to fulfill the requirements of its people, Lower Ten Oaks is a very livable neighborhood.


Many outdoor leisure and socialization options exist, and the local crime rate is low. There are many beautiful amusement areas, community facilities, libraries for residents, and sports facilities to ensure people touring the area and or those wishing to settle there are well catered for in terms of leisure time. Additionally, many first-rate shops and food joints provide vacationers and residents with numerous options for respite services.


Lower Ten Oaks has a remarkably low crime rate partly because of the strong sense of community there. In their homes and on the streets, residents claim to feel secure. Abbotsford of British Columbia is expanding, boasting a robust economy and various job opportunities.


Many people who live in Lower Ten Oaks are employed in the medical, manufacturing, or retail industries. An assortment of modern and older homes can be found in Lower Ten Oaks’ modest housing market. Single-family quarters are the majority in the area. However, you will find a good number of townhouses and accommodations

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