Let Your Website do the Work – While You’re on Vacation

Posted on: July 20, 2021

If you haven’t planned your summer holiday yet, it’s time. Everyone needs to get away from work once in a while to rest and re-energize. You may think of vacations as folly, but there are definite benefits. Your physical and mental health will improve. So will your family relationships. Plus, you’ll be more creative and more productive when you return.

If your concern about losing business is what is making you hesitant, we have a solution for you. Let your website do the work for those few weeks. A combo SEO-SEM campaign will set you up for months after you get back. Here’s how it works.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a while to kick in and needs monitoring to keep improving. It’s a long-term strategy that every business should invest in because the payoff is so much greater than the cost. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, SEO is not something you only do when you’re building a new website. It’s not just about key words, and it’s not something you can have done and then leave alone.

Search engines like Google change their ranking formulas. Competitors come and go. New buzz words get created. Trends change, like the move from typing to voice-based search, which is emerging right now. Optimizing means keeping an eye on those factors and more, and making adjustments as needed to keep you on the first page of results.

Search Engine Marketing, on the other hand, starts to work much sooner. These pay-per-click ads may still need to be refined in the early days, but there’s really no delay in getting results. Search advertisements are also more visible, displaying above and often below the organic listings stemming from SEO.

So, here’s your get-away plan. Call us a few weeks before your vacation. We’ll ask you some questions about your products and services, your geographic market, your main competitors, and your customer profile. Then all you have to do is make sure there’s someone to answer the phone or process orders while you’re away. Leave the rest to us.

We’ll set up that Search Engine Marketing campaign that will start showing results while you’re in your laying on the beach. Then we’ll optimize your website, so those results will magnify in the weeks after you return. Then, we can reduce or even stop your SEM campaign, while the SEO feeds you a steady stream of business.

I hear you. Now you’re worried about taking a vacation AND spending on SEM and SEO. Think of it as an investment that pays big dividends. When Mr. Lawn hired us they weren’t getting any inquiries from their website about lawn installations. After we started their SEM campaign, they got 604 inquiries in one month. That led to 29 quote requests, 11 sales, and more than $20,000 in revenue.

Our SEO program for Mountain Ridge Log homes increased their number of monthly site visitors from 63 to 466 in six months. Wholesale Hydroponics went from 216 site visitors to 1,647 in nine months, and was up at 2,565 a year after that.


So, you don’t need to sweat – well, not from worry anyway. Give us a call, or fill out our Discovery form, and then start packing.