Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery

Posted on: March 17, 2023

Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery

One of our family’s favourite places to visit in Langley of British Columbia is the Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery. The best time of year to go is in the summertime, but parts of it are open all year round. 

This working farm has u-pick fruits. As a mom of three under the age of 10, I love encouraging my kids to pick the fruits. They learn from experience about how different fruits grow. My two sons are very enthusiastic about finding the biggest, juiciest berries!

At Krause Berry Farms, they grow a lot of different items that are turned into incredible pre-made foods for sale in their onsite store. Our family is obsessed with the ice cream, berry perogies, pies, pizzas, and even the soups. My personal favourite is their asparagus soup. Everything they sell is seasonal and based on availability. 

Since the farm is nearby to where we live, we often go there to stock up on pre-made foods. We keep a selection of Krause Berry Farms meals and treats in the freezer. Their great selection of options makes my life so much easier, and the kids really like the food. The items seem like things I could have made myself if I only had the time and the energy. 

Krause also makes its own fruit wines. They have a winery onsite that sells all sorts of interesting wines worth checking out. My husband and I love the cherry and bumbleberry wines. Last Christmas, we gave out bottles as gifts to several friends and family members. 

The very best thing about Krause Berry Farm is the Waffle Bar! Any time of the year, from Wednesday to Sunday, you can go and eat freshly made, hot waffles with real whipped cream and fruit syrup. The waffle flavours change with the seasons, so you are always getting whatever is in season. There are options for people with food restrictions. It can get very busy, but it’s worth the wait. 

During the summertime, the waffle field is open. This field allows a place where customers can drive up and order waffles right from their vehicles. With several griddles on the go and lots of staff on hand, the wait is never too outrageous. Even if you have hangry kids waiting for a sugar fix. 

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