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Our Promise to Our Team Members

We help great clients grow but we can’t do that without great team members. If we want to achieve our goals and vision, then we need to recruit and retain the greatest people. With that being said, our promises to you is:

  1. Be an Open Meritocracy – Nobody likes large bureaucratic organizations laced with office politics. As we grow bigger we run the risk of politics and favouritism if we don’t work hard to vaporize any signs of this. We seek team members based on talent, effort, and achievement because we are building a team of A players to grow and thrive.
  2. Create Opportunities to Learn and Grow – Kaizen, this Japanese word means “never-ending improvement” we want to continually grow and get better! We are committed to developing systems that support and help develop our team of A players.
  3. Empowerment and Trust in Team Members  Our culture puts as much power as possible in team members to make smart decisions, not the executive team. We decentralize and work to create a culture of ownership, trust, and accountability by learning from our failures and celebrating our successes.
  4. No Jerk Policy – Our end goal is maximum happiness and that’s hard to do when you’re forced to spend time with jerks. A jerk is someone who is insulting, belligerent, violates personal boundaries, and is dishonest or unfair in their expectations. We make sure our team doesn’t work for or with jerks because one bad apple spoils the barrel. This applies to every one of us and the companies we work with. We’ve fired clients and staff before and we’ll do it again if they are jerks.
  5. Transparency & Honesty – Openness and honesty is expected from everyone, clients and team members. This means being honest at all levels from management to production and vice versa – whether we’re doing well (or when we are not).

We promise to hire slow and fire fast because we are committed to building and supporting a team of A players. Our culture starts from the top, so if we’re not embodying these promises it is my responsibility.

Digital Marketing Jobs & Careers

We are always looking for innovative minds to join our team. If you have advanced skills and experience in any of the following areas: research, sales and marketing, business development, channel management, analytics, accounting or business administration, please use the form below and provide your CV along with a cover letter telling us about your area of interest.

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