Posted on: April 12, 2023

Present just north of downtown, the neighborhood of Hillside Quadra shares its borders with three main access routes of Cook, Bay Street, and Blanshard, making commuting to most areas super-easy.

Housing in the neighborhood is more affordable than in other areas of the city and includes a mix of multifamily and single-family options, including apartments, townhouses, strata duplexes, and condos. Many single-family houses also have additional suites and accommodations to provide mortgage helpers for new owners. The boulevards are grassy and streets are lined with trees, giving the area a pleasant feeling.
Quadra Village, a small commercial center, serves the entire neighborhood. This village has been revamped in recent years and now has an international feel —in fact, you’ll find a range of cuisines here, including Filipino, Greek, Indian, Dutch, and Caribbean.

Topaz Park, the third-largest part of the city, is also present in this neighborhood and is famous among athletes who love the four sports field there and use it throughout the year. There are also several shopping centers in the area, downtown is just a short bike ride away and all the amenities and convenience you might need are just minutes away. There are also a bunch of other parks in the area, such as Jackson Park, Highview Park, Summit Park, Jackalope Meadow, and Blackwood Park.Victoria

Quadra Street, the main street of this neighborhood, runs from Saanish right toward downtown, making Hillside Quadra a central and convenient location for commuting and transit. Keeping all these things in mind, the area is highly desirable for investors looking for a rental property for college and university students, since it’s a quick bike or bus ride away from the Camosun College and the University of Victoria.

You’ll also find Buddhist and Sikh temples, churches, a video game store, and the Fairway Market.
Overall, there are many reasons to love Hillside Quadra. There’s the Walk Street Community Gardens, the annual Quadra Village Day, a family-friendly and fun-filled event that takes in May with a range of activities and entertainment, and unique shops present in the village where you can eat international food.
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