Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market

Posted on: March 17, 2023

Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market

Do you like supporting small business owners, especially farmers and specialty item makers? The Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market is worth checking out. This market is open from mid-April through November each year. It’s located on Glover Road at St. Andrew’s Historic Chapel in the village of Fort Langley, BC. 

Now that I have been a part of the community in Langley Canada for a few years, I am aware that there are lots of good places to go shopping. Yet, there is something special about going to an outdoor market. It’s fun to chat with the sellers. I love getting friendly with the makers and hearing the personal stories behind the foods and crafts I’m buying from them. 

At the Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market, you can find fresh produce, eggs and dairy products, baked goods, organic honey, sauces, salad dressings, meats, and even craft beers, wines, and spirits. Each week, it seems like there are different vendors. You might see something new and different each time you go to the market.

Last summer, I bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of the vendors. I also bought some locally-made kombucha and organic, natural foods for my super health-conscious sister, who was visiting us from Vancouver Island. This was a big win for me. My sister loved the effort she thought I made. She didn’t realize that I got everything for her at the same time. I was only doing my regular Saturday shopping at the local farmers’ market with her preferences in mind. 

The market is kid-friendly, but I do usually leave the kids at home with my husband while I enjoy a little unrushed “me time” to look around. I also appreciate the care and attention the market has given to safety protocols through the pandemic. Nobody is overbearing about it, but you can see that many vendors and the staff are being careful. Sanitizer is easily accessible, if you desire to use it. 

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