A Christmas Wish

Posted on: December 22, 2020

We started this year in celebration and we’re ending it in gratitude.

The year 2020 was our 25th anniversary. Back in 1995 when he founded International Internet Advertising Services Inc., Mike had a vision. The years that followed brought twists and turns he could never have imagined, but the vision held strong. Twenty-five years later, Internet Advertising is strong too.

So, we are grateful; to our loyal customers, to the new clients who trusted us in very uncertain times, and to our work team, who did a great job and made each other laugh despite the world around us.

We know that this was a sad year for some and a bad year for others; and we are grateful to all those who worked tirelessly to take care of those who were sick, grieving, or vulnerable, who kept the shelves stocked, and lent a hand when needed.

And so, our Christmas wish is that each of you finds what you need most – a rest, a smile, comfort knowing that there are people who care about and appreciate you.


May the spirit of Christmas heal your soul and bring joy to your heart.