5 Ways to Quickly Boost Sales

Posted on: May 19, 2021

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, you just want to get through the tunnel as fast as you can. Yes folks, things are looking up. In BC, it’s expected that by early July, everyone over 12 years of age who wants one, will have received at least one shot of the COVID 19 vaccine. If we all do our part, restrictions will start to ease, and we’ll be able to look forward to more in-person activities.

So, to get you through that tunnel and into the light, here are four pretty quick ways to start boosting sales.

An email campaign – Sending offers directly to customers who already know your brand is an effective way to spark sales. Compile a list of your customers’ email addresses, think about a great deal you can offer, and give us a call. Letting your existing customers know that you’re still in business and thanking them for their support with an exclusive discount is a great way to bring them back into the fold.

A local marketing campaign – A marketing campaign targeting your local area can work wonders whether you are offering in-store or pickup/delivery sales. A localized advertising blitz combined with a good offer and an appeal to support local businesses is a sure-fire marketing trifecta. We’ll help you pick the best advertising platforms, create appealing ad copy, and manage the campaign for you.

A BOGO sale – Buy one get one sales remain very popular, and are particularly effective for any summer products for families because no one wants to spend time listening to the kids fight over stuff. So, what have you got that’s sure to start a fight? Let us know and we’ll get word out.

Short expiry coupons – Every time you make a purchase at Michaels, your receipt is a discount coupon on your next purchase, if it’s made within a certain period of time. This is a fabulous way to bring shoppers back into the store or online shop within weeks of their initial purchase.

Refer a friend deals – Sharing is caring! Offer your existing customers a deal they can’t refuse in exchange for the email address of a friend. To make sure the friend is real, be sure to offer them a deal as well. With the new email addresses, you can do another email campaign.

Need more ideas? Just give us a call. Our creatives are ready for a challenge!