4 Things You Should Do in Digital Marketing that are Backed by Statistics

Posted on: November 9, 2021

As one of the most experienced internet marketing companies around, we often make suggestions based on our industry knowledge and evolving trends. That may sometimes seem self-serving, so we though we’d share a few stats that back up our advice on these four topics.

Encourage and monitor online reviews.

Half of consumers search online for info before making a purchase, and 75% are influenced by the reviews and ratings they find. We also know that the more reviews you have, the more influential the ratings are. One of the tactics we can set up for you is called a “review tunnel.” This asks and reminds customers to share their opinion about a recent purchase and applies to services as well. Monitoring these is important though, since there will always be at least a few unhappy clients. We don’t want to delete these, but rather, we view them as an opportunity to demonstrate your excellent customer service in your response. Responding to positive comments are also a great way to amplify your brand.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile.

At least half of all website traffic globally is generated by mobile devices; 25% of Internet users access the web exclusively via mobile; and, 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones. Mobile responsive design is now a standard when we build new websites. If we didn’t build your site, if your site is a few years old now, or if you’ve changed any content yourself, you should check your site on a smartphone and a tablet to make sure all of the menus and content are visible and readable on smaller screens. If not, you know who to call.

Update your site at least once a year.

The first five seconds of page load time have the highest impact on conversion rates, and 51% of companies say updating old content has proven the most efficient tactic implemented. Load times become more important with every web-tech update. In particular, faster internet speeds make it more obvious that the slower load time is because of your site or hosting. In regard to content, fresh is best. It signals to both consumers and search engines that you are a dynamic, thriving business. If you need an update now, or want a reminder in a few months, let us know.

Put prices on your site or offer a free quote.

Two-thirds of Canadian consumers say low price is a key decision factor; 42% look online to compare prices; and, a 10% discount is enough to make a consumer buy a product online instead of in store. While showing product pricing online is usually easy, you’ll also need to make sure that your pricing is competitive and explain why your prices are higher, if that’s the case. For standardized services, the same is true. If you need to eyeball a job before calculating a price, offer a free quote and make it easy for potential customers to ask for one.